One-stop shopping for Green Bay Packers fans primed for the playoffs

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MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- As the Green Bay Packers prepare for their playoff push, the team's legion of fans are focusing on fashion.

For Michael Duda, game day is all about green and gold gear at his merchandise store in Menomonee Falls. Duda stocks about 3,000 different Packers items -- and they've been selling quite well since the Dallas Cowboys earned the right to play at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

"People that are going to the game are buying a lot of hats, can coolers, masks, anything to stay warm," said Duda.

According to Duda, anything Nelson, Matthews and Rodgers-related remains a must-have for many a fanatic. He says sales are up 20 percent compared to this time last year. Duda credits some of the spike to the new styles his supplier, New Era, is sending.

"In the past, I guess I would say that most of the hats were oriented towards men. But now, New Era has expanded, so that we have a lot more selection for the ladies," said Duda.

But it's not just who's buying or how much he's selling. Duda says he's impressed where his online orders originate from.

"There's Packer fans everywhere, you know? That is always a thrilling thing, to see where we're shipping some of this stuff, you know? Australia, everywhere. Everywhere there's Packer fans," said Duda.

Duda suggests fans pay close attention to the attire along the sidelines at Lambeau this weekend -- as it may indicate what you'll want to wear following a Packers victory.

"There's a good chance that we know already what hat they're gonna be wearing this weekend -- and we can't show or tell anyone about it yet," said Duda.