Court documents reveal a big break in the case involving the shooting death of Bill Thao

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There's been a major break in the case involving the shooting death of 13-month-old Bill Thao. The baby boy died at the hospital on December 27th after shots were fired into a duplex near 73rd and Mill. Thao and his family were visiting relatives at the home when the shooting occurred. Several arrests have been made, and police MAY have the shooter in custody. Police are connecting the dots after discovering the shots fired on December 27th were intended for a different duplex -- located right next door. Police are also looking into whether this shooting could be linked to a notorious Milwaukee gang.

Bill Thao

Bill Thao

A Milwaukee man has been charged with drug crimes, and the charging documents filed against him show he was the intended target of the shooter that killed Bill Thao. A criminal complaint filed against this man says he lived in a home identical to the home Bill Thao was visiting when he was shot. That home is located right next door.

Family members say Bill Thao was one of five children playing downstairs in the duplex near 73rd and Mill on December 27th. Shots were fired into the home, and Bill Thao was rushed to the hospital. He died late on December 27th.

We are now learning more about the man police say was the intended target that night.

19-year-old Kwesen Sanders of Milwaukee faces two counts of conspiracy to commit the manufacture/delivery of heroin (three grams or less).

A criminal complaint filed against Sanders says he was the intended victim of the gunfire that killed Bill Thao.

Documents show the gunman who was trying to shoot Sanders for stealing his drug customers shot up the wrong house. Instead of shooting into Sanders' residence, the gunman shot into the identical duplex next door.

"I'm at a loss for words. I don't know," Chee Thao said.

Chee Thao is Bill Thao's cousin.

"They are really scared -- paranoid because it's a random shooting. Pretty paranoid most of the time and scared," Chee Thao said of the Thao family.

Search warrants uncovered by FOX6 News show Sanders was the focus of Milwaukee police long before December 27th.

A search warrant identifies Sanders with the street name "K-Money" -- a member of the "Wild 100s" street gang.

That street gang is linked to two high-profile crimes: a shooting that occurred during a robbery of the Innovative Optique store in Fox Point (a robbery suspect was shot and killed by a store employee) and a case involving a teen killed during a street robbery on the city's south side.

Sanders was also being investigated as a suspect in another shooting over the summer.

Documents show the same ammunition has been linked to nine shootings in Milwaukee occurring since April 2014.

While Sanders' past is criminal and court documents show he was the intended target of the gunman who killed Bill Thao, it is important to note Sanders is NOT the person who shot and killed Bill Thao. Police continue to look for the person responsible for Thao's death.

"Such an innocent life was taken away," Chee Thao said.

Milwaukee police have said they have multiple persons of interest in custody in connection with the shooting that killed Bill Thao -- including a man who may have been the shooter.

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  • Truth B Told

    Again, because of the inept judicial system, another innocent life is lost to street violence. Time to stop the “anti police” rallies and start protesting the lack of an effective judicial system. These career criminals shouldn’t be allowed to be continually released back into the communities. When will the community leaders start holding the judges liable for these critical errors? If this “K-Money” would of been in prison where he belongs, then perhaps this child would still be alive today. Time to prosecute the judges, and if not, it’s time to REVOLT

  • R

    If I was a member of the wild 100s, I would apply to target. They’re already wearing a bullseye, might as well get paid for it.

  • Felicia

    Wild hunnits are also connected to Itavian Belcher, the gang member who was shot after two attempted armed robberies in the Meadows.

  • ooga booga

    Aren’t the wild hunnits a secret g@y society? I’m pretty sure ‘hunnit’ is Latin for ‘mud dart player’ and I know they like to play that with each other. I’ve seen videos where they spank each other with rusty spatulas.

  • really

    Instead of hindering the police people should help and turn in criminals what a sad sad event…put these useless people away and quit protesting the officers who are out there day after day trying to sort through this scum

  • Bye Felicia

    Since I was reported for this comment, I will repeat myself. For those interested, I am creating a facebook page that will allow average citizens to be more aware of the violence problem in our community. It will feature pics of individuals with guns, individuals who film or participate in violent fights and individuals who vlaim gangs here in Milwaukee. This is your opportunity to see the faces of those involved in these crimes. The group cannot be found. To request an invitation, locate me on facebook by into the search bar. Send a message to my inbox requesting to be added to the group.

  • USMC Semper Fidelis

    CCAP M.r Kwesen Sanders, 19, nothing but a trouble making thug, if he was locked up like he should of been, the gang wouldn’t of shoot into the wrong home, Milwaukee liberal judges are as fake as they come with there little plea deals, very sad. LOCK DANGEROUS THUGS UP, enough already.

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