“I wanted to find a place that was safe:” The Women’s Financial Wellness Center

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PEWAUKEE (WITI) — We all know that a new year is a great time to make new resolutions. You might be trying to be healthier, but what about wealthier? Or, just getting on top of your bills and getting out of debt? Now, there's a new place in Pewaukee specifically for women.

financial center

The Women's Financial Wellness Center has a spa-like atmosphere to help clients feel comfortable.

When you walk into the Women's Financial Wellness Center — it's more like a spa than a place to get your finances in order. It's definitely not a place where Carol Schwing ever expected to  be.

"My husband of 22 years filed for divorce. When we were first married, I handed all the finances over to him. Though I was competent business woman, I didn't really enjoy personal finance and I trusted him," explained Carol, a client at the center.

Financial advisor Rhonda Noordyke created the center for women like Carol who are dealing with more than money.

"I wanted to find a place that was safe — that women would come in and feel like they could have a conversation and talk about money and talk about their concerns and know that it's actually bigger than money itself," Rhonda said.

If you need to reevaluate your finances, the first step is taking control.

"I don't  mean take control to evoke a struggle or a power struggle. I mean to encourage women to take control of the things that they already have control over," explained Rhonda.


Financial advisor, Rhonda Noordyke, founded the center help women have a safe space to gain control of their finances.

For example, control your spending and saving habits.

The next step is getting educated.

"It's knowledge plus experience that's really going to help these women's financial confidence," Rhonda said.

To gain more confidence, you need to communicate assertively. Rhonda says practice saying how you feel and why.

"Another one is, 'I feel frustrated when you keep interrupting or you don't allow me to finish," Rhonda gave as an example.

It's a great tool Carol says has been helping her work with her ex. She says after going through the Financial Wellness Workshop, she's ready to live and find a new job in business marketing.

"I feel like I'm about to take off. I feel like my wings are getting strong enough to fly," Carol says.

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