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Looking to buy a car battery? Pay extra attention to “cold cranking amps”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- When it comes to your car, van, truck or SUV, this cold can be a real beast -- especially to your vehicle's battery. What can you do to keep give your battery a bit more life? FOX6 News stopped by Remy Battery on Milwaukee's southwest side -- and the crew there says it all comes down to amps and cold-cranking calculations.

Mike Moeller is the president of Remy Battery. He says the charging challenges many are experiencing actually started in the summer -- when extreme heat began breaking down batteries.

"When those temperatures drop, that's when you start noticing a slower start or no start," said Moeller.

This is why at Remy, the focus is on a battery's cold cranking amps.

"Cold cranking amps is measured at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's, in this climate, really a number that you want to pay close attention to. The other rating is cranking amps -- and that's rated at 32 degrees Fahrenheit," said Moeller.

Moeller cautions you to be aware of the difference -- because a higher number of cranking amps can give you a false sense of security.

"Don't just look at a large number. Make sure that you read what that rating is," said Moeller.

Remy and many other battery businesses offer free battery testing.

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