“Keep fighting, keep your chin up:” Sheriff Clarke shows support for Milwaukee law enforcement

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On a night to show appreciation for law enforcement, the Milwaukee County Sheriff throws his support behind a man who has been at the center of protests in Milwaukee.

Sheriff David Clarke showed support for Christopher Manney, the police officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton last April. A sentiment that was applauded by supporters.

It was a room filled with thank you as dozens turned out for a night of appreciation.

At the time where support for those in blue is met with backlash.

The past few months there have been protests across the city and county -- criticism of police policies and training.

In Milwaukee, crowds have marched through the streets angry over the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton at the hands of Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney.

"We're not saying that all officers on the street are bad individuals, we're saying this one was," said Curtis Sails, with Coalition for Justice.

Manney was fired for his actions leading up to the shooting and is currently appealing that decision.

"Under similar circumstances, an officer would be awarded for bravery and courage under fire," said Sheriff David Clarke.

On this night, Sheriff David Clarke expressed his support for Manney.

"Christopher Manney has been made a scapegoat and I don't like it because that could happen to you, that could happen to me ladies and gentlemen," said Sheriff Clarke.

Promising that support for law enforcement will not waver.

"Hang in there, keep fighting, keep your chin up. We will win this," said Sheriff Clarke.

The room letting the community know their voices will be just as loud as those against them.

"The fight's not over, we're going to continue to fight," said Sheriff Clarke.

Manney is appealing his termination. A hearing for that appeal has been set for the first week in February.


  • Reasonless

    I would like to see more porch lights switched over to blue to show our support for law enforcement.
    Lets help the men and women that put their life on the line to keep us safe by showing them our support.

  • Margaret

    I read the full report all 25 pages and if I would have been in the same shoes as this outstanding officer I would have done exactly the same thing. The officer was doing his job and the person of interest turned this all around when he started to assault the officer. He did what was in the best interest of the surrounding area, the park, the bystanders, and of his own life. Thank you Sherriff Clark for making the point known that these events were what they really were and speaking out for the officers that do THEIR JOBS and what they were hired to do, Protect and Serve

  • chris

    Finally. A person in Milwaukee county leadership that has a pair. Unlike Flynn, Barrett and that little weasel Abele

  • bob

    This is truly a leader that Law Enforcement needs, Praise to Sheriff Clark for not bending to political pressure and sticking to the truth that Manning should be commended for his actions under the stressful situation. It is not easy making the choice to use deadly force when you are being beaten over the head with a baton. Manning had the lawful right to give the orders. Dontre did not have any lawful right “RESIST”

  • Stoicism

    Pathetic. How is it “courage under fire” if he was unarmed? That’s what’s wrong with society now. That “officer” was wrong and used excessive force, but he’s being supported because he’s an officer. Blue suit syndrome! What happened to standing for what’s right? I guess the officers that were acquitted for the death of Kelly Thomas were displaying “courage under fire” as well, right? Give me a break, people. My father, a retired sheriff, spent most of his life on the force so I know how it goes. My record is clean and I’ve been profiled and harassed by the mpd. I know, first hand, how they can be excessive. Some officers aren’t fit to hold the title, plain and simple. Deal with it.

    • grunt

      Hamilton wasn’t unarmed, he took the cop’s night stick, used it to beat the cop, and died with it in his hands.
      The cop’s use of force was a text book example according to the outside expert witness.
      Just because a family member did a certain job doesn’t make YOU an expert in that field.
      How can you get profiled in Milwaukee?

      • Stoicism

        I’ve never claimed expertise, just experience!!! Had he not had to fight for his life, he wouldn’t have had to try and defend himself to that degree. Obviously you’re just another naive individual who thinks cops can do no wrong. There was no reason for Hamilton to be approached by that cop. He wasn’t breaking any laws to begin with.

      • grunt

        Yes, if the cop didn’t have to fight for his life, Hamilton would have survived the encounter.
        The DA, Milwaukee County’s legal expert on prosecuting crimes, said the cop did nothing wrong. His published decision included the ordinance that Hamilton violated.

      • Stoicism

        You shouldn’t. Talking to yourself would make you seem even more ignorant than you already appear to be.

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