Like breakfast? Everything you need to know about cooking eggs

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From poached to over-easy --there are a lot of ways to make eggs. University Club's executive chef, Matt Kerley, joins Real Milwaukee to 'shell' out some advice on the different ways to cook an egg.

Over Easy

First start with medium heat and melt 1 Tablespoon of butter in a nonstick pan. Crack eggs into pan and cook over medium heat to avoid brown and crispy edges just until white is set. flip eggs and turn heat off. the residual heat will continue to cook the egg white.

Over Medium
Same as over easy, yet do not turn heat off once flipped. Continue to cook for roughly one minute until yolk begins to firm. For over hard, simply cook until yolk is fully firm by touch.

Poached Eggs
Bring the water to a slight simmer, roughly 200 degrees. crack egg into water without vinegar, and let sink to the bottom. by cooking at a lighter temperature, you will enable the egg to sink without coagulating. This will allow a flatter poached egg, which will most likely be easier to plate. i.e... benedicts, hash, etc.
Traditional poached eggs are cooked at a slightly higher temp, yet not a boil. Using a very tall and slender pot, bring your water to a boil, then turn down just below a boil. Use roughly 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in water (this will help with coagulation), spin the water with a large spoon to create a "vortex". Crack egg into water. The vortex will create a stream of sorts on the egg to allow the more traditional poached egg appearance and the higher heat will begin to cook the white before it rests on the bottom.

Slow eggs
Using a thermometer, warm water to roughly 145 degrees. Place eggs, still in shell, in water. Stirring water occasional, and checking temperature every five minutes or so, and continue to cook for about 40 minutes. Crack an egg after 30 minutes to check consistency.

Hard boiled
Bring water to a rapid boil, drop eggs in boiling water, boil for 12 minutes, then shock in ice water. peel as soon as possible. this is absolutely fail proof.