“People are finally ready to come out:” Embracing the wintry weather at The Rock snow park

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FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Despite how cold it is, the weather isn't stopping some people from going outside. Plenty of people out at The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin say this is the perfect weather to play outside.

The chill in Wisconsin this week is the kind that seems to reach all the way down to your bones.

"It is pretty cold out there the wind is actually really cold, I have on like 5 layers and it still gets through," said Josh Frank.

Frank is the hearty soul who operates the lift at The Rock snow park.

"I have toe warmers in the top and two pairs of socks on," said Frank.

With tundra like temperatures and wind that seems to snap against your skin, you might think most people would be holed up hibernating inside. But on Friday, the Rock snow park was actually teeming with skiers and snowboarders.

"Yes, Wednesday we did decide to close down along with a couple of the other ski hills just to kind of protect everybody and keep them in with the cold. Today we decided to open just because all the kids are cooped up, they're ready to go but we've got plenty of hot chocolate to keep them warm," said Marna Nersesian, snow park manager.

Those FOX6 News found lacing up say the fresh snow trumped the cold temps in their decision to hit the slopes.

"Shoveling has been a pain but, you know, I wanted to get out snowboarding, got some fresh snow last night so I was looking forward to coming out," said Carson Blaszak, snowboarder.

Perhaps another thing that may have helped push attendance Friday night? While pretty much every kid loves an impromptu day off of school, eventually you start to get a little stir crazy.

"I go to Franklin, we've had 2 snow days for the past 2 days so I think people are finally ready to come out and ski and snowboard," said Frank.

The snow park manager tells me they continued making their own snow even while it was snowing Thursday night, in hopes of catching up for the slow start this winter. She says that snowfall helped a lot, they opened up some addition runs today.