“You might hear a little bit of noise today!” Nicole Koglin finds that Seattle’s 12th Man’s the real deal!

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SEATTLE (WITI) -- The green and gold not shining too brightly in Seattle Sunday night, January 18th after the Green Bay Packers fell to the Seattle Seahawks in overtime in the NFC title game. The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are headed back to the big game -- and the Packers? Done for the season! It was an emotional roller-coaster ride for Packers fans, as they watched their team, up 16-0 at halftime lose in overtime. But FOX6's Nicole Koglin reports Packers fans could be heard inside the LOUD CenturyLink Field -- chanting "Go Pack Go" and making themselves known among the sea of navy and green.

Koglin reports the Seahawks' 12th Man is the real deal! From the moment they showed up at CenturyLink Field Sunday, they were fired up!

So how loud was it inside the stadium?

"You're gonna hear a little bit of noise today," a Seahawks fan said.

"It's definitely the loudest," a Seahawks fans said.

"It's not a factor. It's over-rated," a Packers fans said.

Most fans on hand for the game came prepared!

"We have multiple sets of earplugs. I have four sets of earplugs in my pocket," a Packers fans said.

If fans didn't put them to use in the first half, the earplugs definitely came in handy in the fourth quarter!

"Gotta get the full experience. No earplugs!" a Packers fan said.

When their team battled back against the Pack, the 12th Man spoke up!

"You could feel the ground rumble," a Seahawks fan said.

As for the ringing ears they'll have till Tuesday...

"We're used to it," a Seahawks fan said.

"It's the price we pay for being incredible fans," a Seahawks fan said.

Koglin reports that as expected, it was loudest inside CenturyLink Field during the second half. Koglin says in her experience, overall, Seattle Seahawks fans were very nice people.

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