CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves raid family home, surveillance footage could help solve the crime

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A family says thieves got away with a gun, bow and arrow and thousands of dollars in electronics. But they made a mistake, and a pink backpack may help lead to their arrest.

They thought no one was looking, but they were wrong. Turns out the burglars forgot to scope out the neighbors house as well.

It is the American dream. Even though you may start with a little, this is a land of opportunity.

For a Hmong family, pictures inside their home near 72nd and Thurston shows how a move to the U.S. 30-years ago, has paid off. The proud family however, is now too scared to show their faces.

"I feel like someone is always watching me now, like I always have to watch my back," said one of the victims.

The items they worked so hard for, taken in minutes.

"No one was home, they took everything we have, everything. My parents, they work hard to have what we have now," said one of the victims.

A busted door shows the point of entry. The family is now missing thousands in electronics, a hunting rifle and hunting bow.

They are items taken when burglars thought no one was looking -- but they were wrong.

"You actually see them cross our neighbors yard heading straight towards our neighbors house," said one of the victims.

Turns out, right next door the neighbor's house is covered with surveillance cameras. One suspect makes a smooth exit with stolen items, the other -- not so much.

But the key to solving the crime may be the suspect at the front door with a pink backpack. It may not be this person's first trip to the home.

"He kept ringing the doorbell so I answered it, and he asked for a girl named Jessica," said the victim.

The family says a week earlier in the same matching track suit, the suspect came knocking on their door.

They are now hoping you can help catch him and his friends.

A family who worked hard to earn the valuables they have, learning not everyone feels they have to do the same.

"It's going to be hard to replace those items," said one of the victims.

In total, there appears to be 3 suspects and Milwaukee police are investigating.

This is a good reminder to get renters insurance, something the family regrets they do not have.

If you have any information regarding this crime, you are asked to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7232.