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“It probably was a freak accident:” Pet ferrets maul newborn baby’s face

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PENNSYLVANIA (WITI) — A one-month-old baby is in the ICU after 1/4 of her face was chewed off by a group of ferrets.

Police say the baby’s nose, top lip and cheek area were eaten by the family’s pet ferrets after they somehow escaped from their cage.

The mother had the baby girl in her car seat sitting on the floor and was upstairs when she heard the infant screaming.

The baby was taken to a hospital for surgery and is listed in stable condition.

A neighbor who says she knows the family says she doesn’t know how this could happen.

“They are cautious with their pets and they watch out for their children so it probably was a freak accident,” said Karen Hines, neighbor.

Investigators say the house was in deplorable condition.

Right now, police are trying to decide if the baby’s parents will face any charges.

The ferrets have been put down and are being tested for rabies.


  • A Yooper

    A ferret is a rat. I had a dog for 5 years. We brought the baby home & it growled once. Dog was gone that day. Friends asked “how could you get rid of your dog so easily?” Stupid question.

    • lele

      You were right to get rid of the dog because of jealousy I don’t know what these parents were thinking….a infant and a ferret…smh

    • Michael

      Way to show your lack of intelligence! Ferrets are not rats. They have been domesticated as long as or longer than cats. They are not rodents like a rat. They are a more complexed life form than a rodent! Their nearest relatives in the wild are minks, sables, otters and wolverines. I wouldn’t put a baby on the floor with any of them because they are wild animals but a ferret simply isn’t a wild animal. They are just like a dog in the fact that if you mistreat them or raise them wrong then something bad can happen. About 10 seconds into the video I knew why this happened when I saw the house, the father, the filth and the way they were keeping the ferrets. Educate yourself before going online and making a complete fool of yourself on a subject that you obviously know nothing about. These people will not be keeping any of their children if family services is in the least bit competent.

  • Robin Marvel

    These sweet babies should NOT be free to roam around the house !! They ARE animals ! But , they are very sweet, playful ! BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS OR DONT HAVE THEM AT ALL !!

  • A ferret owner

    Ferrets are not rats and it is clear that these animals were very neglected. Don’t blame the animals blame the parents for being careless and leaving their infant unattended in a room with three animals that were clearly not fed properly. It is a shame that innocent animals everywhere are held responsible for merely being victims of their owners gross neglect and improper treatment.

    • A ferret owner

      On top of that these people should not have children nor animals if they are forced to live in squalor. I’m only filled with disgust when I hear stories like this. That poor child…

  • sofabee

    It was a set up for disaster. Scavengers in a cloth enclosure instead of a cage… Baby on the floor. Just a matter of time. Pure negligence

  • 1tammy2tammy3

    This incident with the ferrits mauling this litttle helpless baby is an outrage. I cannot believe that I have heard it referred to as a “freak accident”! W ell I do not think of this as being a freak accident; Ithink of this as being one of the worst things that I have ever heard of and putting those ferrits down was the right move to make, but also feel as though some more moves mostdefinitly should be made.

    • Adrian

      Youre an idot. The fault lies 100% at the feet of the parents. Ferrets are sweet little angels. These people neglected their “pets” and shouldnt have animals or children.

  • 1tammy2tammy3

    Having pets is a big responsibility and you as the pet owner are responsible for your pets safety and thesafety of others,but moreso that baby is totally dependant and totally helpless.

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