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Lawmakers to discuss including e-cigarettes in Wisconsin’s smoking ban

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MADISON (AP) — Lawmakers are set to reignite conversations this week about whether vaping — using electronic cigarettes and other vapor smoking devices — should be included in Wisconsin’s smoking ban.

The ban took effect in 2010. It outlaws smoking in all public indoor locations, including restaurants and bars. But the ban does not currently apply to vaping, giving venue owners the right to decide whether or not to permit e-cigarettes.

Democratic Rep. Debra Kolste of Janesville says because the indoor smoking ban has been so successful, the bill seemed like common sense.

But the bill will face Republican opposition. Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a Republican from Oconomowoc, says he will introduce a bill to protect e-cigarettes from the ban.


  • Liz

    e-cigs are not cigarettes. Nothing is burning. Focus on your own life and leave the little stuff alone. If you control nicotine, you need to control caffeine, as they are both stimulants. I actually find scented coffees more nauseating than e-cigs. Can we PLEASE control odors?

  • Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    In this country – it used to be innocent until proven guilty. Show me the scientific proof – a study that can’t be easily debunked by a 5th grader in their science class – that vapor causes harm to a single non-vaping person, and you’ve got your justification for action.

    Until then – leave it up to the business owner to decide if they wish to cater to this consumer, or not.

    • darshaneeander

      stueber it won’t be long until poopheads are puffing the marijuana through these things, then the universe shall be doomed. Think about that and put it in your e contraption and vape it!!!

      • Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

        You can use an apple as a pipe to smoke weed. Shall we ban them, too?
        If we removed access to everything on the free market that someone will use for an ‘off label’ purpose – we wouldn’t have anything for sale.

        I say again: You have a rock-solid study that shows public use causes public harm – you can legislate. Using ‘what if’ and fear mongering tactics to push legislation? It’s a dick move, and puts us one step closer to a dick-tatorship.

        Let the business owners decide if they want to cater to vapers.

  • Alan Selk

    So Rep. Kolste thinks this is important thing for public health. That is an interesting take on electronic cigarettes. We now have a product that has helped thousands of Wisconsin residents quit smoking by switching to a product that is far less harmful then smoking, is essentially harmless to non-users, and Rep. Kolste wants to ban it in public places in the name of public health. That’s some pretty twisted logic.

    What the ban in the city of Madison has shown us is that public health appears to be taking science back to the dark ages. The ban was based on nothing more then hysteria and fear-mongering, along with a good dose of prohibition. This is a witch hunt that any good Puritan would be proud of.

    • darshaneeander

      alan selk, you are a puritanical addict, living in the dark. It’s a good thing we have a concealed carry policy.

    • Dan

      I have been using e cigs for 5 years now. If they were so bad I do not believe I could ride nine miles of single track on a mountain bike in 35 min. It’s just one more thing the government can get there grubby fingers in to make money. So the FDA says they could be bad with no rock solid evidence. The FDA wants to keep you smoking cigs because they regulate big tobacco. There starting to loose alot of money cause people are making a healthier switch to e cigs. If we do regulate how they are used then we really do need to look at coffee and other addictive substance as we. Do we really want the government to have that much control over us?

  • Bisko

    So because of that incident that bothered you that one time it should be banned?? Come on! Then let’s ban perfumes, body spray, cologne, etc, because some of those bother me. For crying out loud, is this what America has come to? I just really can’t understand how pathetically weak this nation has become, that vaporized air can be so bothersome for some people. Have you ever walked through parking garage? Does the exhaust fumes bother you? Probably, but should everyone that uses one have to push their vehicle in and out of it so as to not cause a coughing fit for someone? Geeez!

  • Lowest Rate Of Smoking EVER In Wisconsin

    Thanks to being able to vape, I was able to quit smoking. Giving you all cleaner air! Your welcome.

    • darshaneeander

      Lowest Rate Of Smoking EVER In Wisconsin, Thanks to you surviving childbirth we have to read your insane ranting!

  • Lowest Rate Of Smoking EVER In Wisconsin

    Vape is not smoke. I am having trouble tolerating your ignorance. Can we ban you? Sure not one I would want to study with.

  • Matt kojo

    There are so many things wrong with this it’s not even funny…ny has proved by implementing a ban on e cigs u increase sales of tabacoo products. There are cities in wisconsin that have already shot bans down, and u would he helping take away a great thing for people to turn to for kicking the cigs. Truth of it is there is so much mis information about getting addicted to crack and things in it that are bad for you, that’s all political stuff with big buiss. Isn’t it funny that the year we start talking ban is the year that e cigs overtake big tabacoo in sales, I do. E cigs for the most part r nothing but vegetable glicrin food flavoring and often times some nic if chosen.they are a great thing that helped get nasty DEATHLY cigs away from my child and home. Better smelling better tasting better living. HAPPY. Banning e cigs would be nothing but a shame and a win for big tabacoo

  • Matt kojo

    I call bs…that was nothing more than in the head of them people…someone ill informed or being stupid started coughing cuz they thought it was smoke n were making a scene and others followed suit coughing cuz of the mental effect of the first lol there’s nothin in an e cig that would cause a whole room to go I to a coughing fit…this is nothing but miss information and uneducation…we can use ignorance as an excuse to pass laws

  • matt

    I have a child with asthma and I smoke an e CIG in the same room as him. Never once has he coughed or shown any sign of it bothering him. People who say it bothers them just want a reason to complain. If it does bother them it’s all in their heads. Unless water vapor from the shower makes them cough too. What a joke.

  • darshaneeander

    Apparently a vein has been struck with this article. Smokers say they smoke because they enjoy it. What a laugh. You are all addicts. Weak minded loser addicts!!!!!

  • charlie

    An enlightened approach is to be as permissive as possible with ecigs to increase the incentive of smokers to swith. The success rate is very high. Government can contribute positively by doing nothing. The risk to people, including kids, who have never smoked, is little to none because nicotine alone is not reinforcing enough to be addicting. We should already know this because the FDA allowed nicotine gum and patches to be sold over theh counter 18 years ago.

    • darshaneeander

      all of you addicts are so full of ca ca I can smell it here in the state capitol! I’m sure you are all for drinking and driving too ya doo doo heads.

      • darshaneeander

        It states in the bible 1st Corinthians 25/12 “Thou shall not ingest nicotine in any form lest one is prepared to face an eternity in hell.”

      • Dan

        Hahahaha your going to pull the religious card huh. Well sorry to break it to you but you sin just as much as any of us. Any thing that brings a person pleasure is pretty much a sin. We are not going to go to hell you are. Why you may ask. Ignorance pretty shure they talk about that in the bible as well there sir……your prob the same person that relys on the government to protect you from this evil world right. Right. Your the same person that leaches off every ones tax dollars to live a good life right. Here we are with our guns and ecigs and you just can’t handle that right lib. Cause in the long run still better off than you and it makes you angry. That’s ok, cheers to that I’m over hear having a sip of my cocktail smoking my ecig being like who this guy. Like that old saying goes if you can sweat the petty stuff pet sweaty stuff.

  • Chris R

    Sadly this will be decided by crotchity old people who make these types of rules without really looking at the facts. The fact is that it looks like smoke, therefor it must be smoke.

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