APPROVED: Proposal to ban food trucks in 11th Aldermanic District is now officially on the books

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Jeppa Joe's food truck

Jeppa Joe's food truck

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee Alderman Joe Dudzik says he wants to ban food trucks in his district. It’s a proposal the Public Safety Committee approved Thursday, January 29th.

Food trucks are now banned in Milwaukee’s 11th Aldermanic District.

The law goes line-by-line, banning trucks on every major street and side street in the district.

It bans selling anything from parked vehicles, but the law targets food trucks.

Dudzik says the problem is traffic in intersections.

“You put a panel truck and a couple people pulling over to have a hamburger or hot dog — whatever they want, sushi, became a real problem,” Dudzik said.

Dudzik says food trucks might still be allowed with special permission. They would have to contact the alderman to change the ordinance to allow specific locations.


  • TED

    Don’t people pull over, part then go into restaurants and other businesses? How does that work?
    Seems heavy handed. Maybe the right or wrong person is getting paid. Follow the money.
    I just found your next assignment Katie. Ask some questions.

  • JC

    This is stupid the alderman probably got sick from one of them or didn’t get a free meal. This does nothing but hurt the working man isn’t it the job of the alderman to protect those kind of jobs.

  • Christopher Harris (@CMHarris_11)

    Completely unnecessary and no strong logic behind it. The “traffic” explanation is not substantial enough – there’s something more to it. Most likely some engrained paranoia somewhere… Is he afraid we’re becoming to West Coast? Frustrating to say the least, vote ’em out!

  • Michael

    “You put a truck and a couple people pulling over to have a hamburger or hot dog — whatever they want, sushi, became a real problem,” Dudzik said. great quote from Mr. Funatparties.

  • moonpop

    Does this law ban businesses allowing vendors to sell off-street? American Science & Surplus/Lost World of Wonders should have food trucks in their parking lot!

  • Jay

    These are just the kind of things I want in front of my house, some loud smelly chuck wagon.
    If this gets shot down, I will be moving to the Brookfield.

  • Mr. Bob

    I would agree that this law does not pass the constitutionality test. How can you enact a law like this supposedly under concern for traffic safety but only have it be applied in one aldermanic district? Also, how about other businesses who might make deliveries in this district? Is the UPS or Fed Ex driver not creating the same hazard when they pull over to drop off a package?? Obviously dudzik do not receive enough of a payoff by these food truck guys so he dreamt up this ordinance. How is it that the Public Safety Committee approves this unconstitutional ordinance?? Was the city atty. consulted on this??? And what is this mysterious special permission that someone could receive even though you have an ordinance banning these food truck sales??? This guy dudzik is a scumbag on the take which has been pretty rampent in milwaukee’s history.

  • John Graham

    This is a crazy law. If the food truck is legally parked, what’s the issue? If a car parks illegally in order to get food from the truck, ticket the driver of the car. Why take it out on the food truck guy? Something stinks here, and it’s not the food trucks. Lastly, from my experience, the main customers of food trucks tend to be people who walk over to them from nearby businesses on their lunch breaks. This just doesn’t add up – especially the “food trucks might still be allowed with special permission” line. Smells of corruption. I hope voters in his district are paying attention. My home borders his district, but fortunately I live in saner West Allis.

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