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Horrifying: Boyfriend caught on camera running over pregnant girlfriend with car

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HOLIDAY, Florida (CNN) — Florida police say a pregnant woman was run down by a car driven by her boyfriend.  The hit-and-run was recorded on a home surveillance camera Monday. Witnesses watched in horror as the car barreled straight into the woman.

“He hits her, right, dead on. She went flying. She went flying over the hood.” said witness Pete Rijos.

It happened in broad daylight. Witnesses watched the driver, Justin Colby, simply walk away.

“All I could hear was him screaming ‘Oh no, oh no, oh’ and I run outside and he was running out and he was like ‘I know I’m going to jail, I know I’m going to jail,” and I just started screaming at him ‘You can’t run away, you can’t run away.’” said witness Jessica Austin.

A camera at a nearby home captured the entire incident. You see 32-year-old Crystal Noordhuizen walking across Westwood drive just west of US 19. She makes it to the shoulder, then a white Dodge Charger swerves off the road and hits her, then slams into the pole. The driver, who deputies identified as her boyfriend Justin Colby, backs up and then gets out of the car. Moments later he casually walks away.

“He said ‘I know I’m going to jail, I know I’m going to jail, but not now’, and he ran up the street and got his motorcycle and headed out.” said an unnamed witness.

Jessica Austin was with her mother and ran down to help. “She just kinda, you know, I don’t know, I was just holding on to her and stuff like that and she told me her name and stuff like that and I was just rubbing her back and she was really sweet and she kept saying she was paralyzed and stuff like that, but I think she was just in shock.”

At Colby’s first appearance his attorney argued he should be granted bond. The judge agreed, a half-million dollars. Colby didn’t look pleased.

Colby is charged with two counts of attempted homicide. The woman was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.


  • Erin

    No pregnant person DESERVES to get run over! Plain and simple…. He tried to murder her and a unborn baby, he should get killed himself for even trying!

  • lolsmack

    ACLU needs to jump in this case and defend the boyfriend against these charges. A “fetus”, as it is known in the liberal world, is nothing more than a clump of cells so how can he be charged with attempted murder of this “fetus”? If he is charged with murder for this “fetus” then every abortion doctor in the state, along with every woman who chooses to murder their “fetus”, should also be charged with murder.

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