“I was spending just way too much!” Mom cuts grocery bill by 75% — so how’d she do it?

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NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) — As it is for most moms with ravenous and ever-growing teens in the house, North Carolina mom Amanda Butler felt as soon as she loaded up on groceries, they vanished. But she’s found a way to cut her grocery bill by 75%!

“They were eating me out of house and home. I felt like I had to do something about my food budget. I was spending just way too much,” Butler said.

Butler still buys the same food, but how little she spends on it now will make your jaw drop.

“I spend 75% less than I used to. Last year, I saved thousands of dollars, literally,” Butler said.

Butler says it was a simple change in her mindset that made all the difference.

“I don’t shop anymore for convenience. It’s now about strategy,” Butler said.

She says MoolaSavingMom.com is where she learned the nuts and bolts of how to shop strategically. There, she prints out a list of what sales are at which stores (she says Lowe’s is her favorite). Then, she prints the coupons to go with the list of sales. When she hits the store, she shops only for what’s on her list.

“Everybody needs this. Everybody needs to do this in this economy. If not, they’re just throwing money out the window,” Butler said.

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