Like a scene out of “A Christmas Story,” mom upset no one helped son who got tongue stuck to bus window

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(CNN) — Like a scene out of “A Christmas Story,” a boy stuck his tongue on a frozen pole and got it stuck! The boy’s tongue and cheek got stuck on a frozen window on his school bus, and his mom wants to know how that could have happened.

Four-year-old Lucas McDonald had a large pink mark on his face where his cheek was pressed against frozen glass.

What happened to the boy is unusual, but not unheard of when it comes to young kids on school buses.

It happened to Lucas McDonald on his way to school. It’s a ride that his mother says takes up to half-an-hour. Teachers called her when Lucas arrived at school. She says she’s not sure how long he was stuck to the window, but it was long enough to leave him with a swollen and bleeding tongue and lips.

“I guess he was crying and said he was asking for help and nobody would help him,” Alisha McDonald said.

Alisha McDonald says that’s remarkable, because her son sits right behind the bus driver.

“That’s why I’m like ‘How could you not have heard him crying and asking for help? How can you not see him?'” Alisha McDonald said.

Eventually, Lucas had to get free on his own.

“There was blood on the window on the bus,” Lucas McDonald said.

Alisha McDonald says what happened to her little boy raises serious questions about how kids are supervised on the school bus — questions she says aren’t being answered.

A reporter with the CTV Network contacted the Renfrew County District School Board Transportation Department. They referred the reporter to Skelhorn Bus Lines, which refused to speak to the reporter.

The school board issued a brief statement, saying only that its school staff acted appropriately and that it is deeply committed to the safety and well-being of its students. It’s a small comfort for Alisha McDonald, who decided to take her son to the hospital after what happened.

“Just to get it looked at, make sure there’s no skin damage. Hoping that its not going to scar his face,” McDonald said.


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