Pain at the pump: A community seeks justice for Citgo gas station clerk

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- A Waukesha gas station attendant was fatally shot two weeks ago, and now his co-workers are speaking out -- and his customers are calling for justice.

Two suspects in the case are behind bars for their alleged involvement in the shooting. A third remains at large. Some people in Waukesha are calling for stiff penalties.

It's been more than two weeks since 65-year-old Saeed Sharwani was shot and killed while working at a Citgo gas station in Waukesha.

His co-worker and friend, Soheil Siddiqui is still overcome with grief.

Saddiqui says one thing that's helped Sharwani's family and friends during this difficult time is the huge outpouring of support from customers.

"People are, I can't explain you people. Every second customer telling pain," said Siddiqui.

Some leave their condolences in a book at the counter. At least once a day Siddiqui says tears are shed.

Outside, there are prayers at every pump. Flowers and messages line the sidewalk.

Some focus anger toward the suspects.

19-year-old convicted felon, Kenneth Thomas, was arrested in West Allis less than 10 hours after the shooting. Police say Thomas fired the shot that killed Sharwani.

23-year-old Jerica Cotton is also behind bars. Investigators say she was the getaway driver.

A third suspect remains on the run.

"Darrin Malone is still wanted. We issued an arrest warrant for him last week charging him with felony murder," said Sue Opper.

Acting District Attorney Sue Opper says Waukesha police have received at least one credible tip in their efforts to locate Malone. Opper says her office has a strong case against the other suspects even without Malone's apprehension.

"Our urgency in locating Mr. Malone is one of public safety. We do believe he is armed and dangerous," said Opper.

It's believed Malone supplied the masks used in the robbery.

The gas station is offering a reward of up to $5,000 to anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest.

Siddiqui says the large reward matches the Citgo's appreciation of it's loyal, supportive customers.

At least one of those signs calling for the death penalty against the suspect has been taken down.

Of course, Wisconsin does not have the death penalty in place, but the DA says all three, especially Thomas, could end up spending many years behind bars.

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  • What!

    It’s been 162 years, time to bring back the death penalty. Murderers rarely get life in Wi. With DNA there’s little chance for mistakes unless framed.

  • tell the truth

    A long time is not enough…life should be life not 10-15-20 is life..if there is no death penalty…take an innocent life..give up your “life” behind bars..and may that life be lonely ..and miserable…

  • PH

    Notice the DA says could spend a lot of time behind bars, why would he say could? They killed someone… Give them life with no parole.

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