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Bizarre: Investigators look into reports of beheaded chickens in Milwaukee County parks

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Beheaded chickens...found with candles in Milwaukee County parks! Could it be the aftermath of some kind of religious ritual involving the sacrificing of animals?!

A report of a bird found in Grant Park was investigated by the South Milwaukee Police Department. This police department supplied FOX6 News with a photo where you can see remains of chicken and candles. A report of a bird found in Bender Park was investigated by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.  That scene did not include candles -- just the chicken.

"I can't believe a rooster was killed with candles beside it," Chris Kurtziel said. "Pretty much unbelievable. I thought 'it's a cult thing.' Who would, why would people be doing it?"

Law enforcement officials say they're familiar with instances of what's called "santaria" periodically occurring. It's a secretive religious ritual that involves magic spells and often the sacrificing of chickens.

While it's difficult to find the person who may be responsible for this, passersby are calling law enforcement officials when they come upon the chickens -- concerned about the unusual discoveries in County parks.

"I hope they catch the people responsible and see what they're up to, and I'm not sure what the motive is they have," Kurtziel said.

While this is clearly not a major reason for concern, some say they worry this type of sacrifice could expand beyond chickens.


  • yo momma

    In this day and age, with all of the spellcheck tools out there, th constant typos never cease to amaze me. How do you people keep your jobs?

  • Bob

    This could be the Witnesses. Had a couple stop by my house last weekend and one lady was wearing what appeared to be a full length chicken feather coat….

  • Justin

    Lets ask ourselves what is the worse case scenario of this chicken cult thing, and does in justify not using those same resources for criminal activities in the Milwaukee county. I’m not worried about these suburbs I’m worried about the rest of the county

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