The vote is in: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers wins second MVP award

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Aaron Rodgers

PHOENIX (AP) — Aaron Rodgers has won his second Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player award in somewhat surprisingly easy fashion.

Rodgers, who also took the honor in 2011, received 31 votes for the 2014 award from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the league. Houston’s J.J. Watt, seeking to become the first defensive player to win MVP since 1986, got 13 votes.

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, the 2014 Offensive Player award winner, and quarterback Tony Romo each got two votes. Patriots QB Tom Brady and Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner received one apiece.

Rodgers threw for 38 touchdowns and a league-low five interceptions; he has thrown 512 passes at home without a pick. He led the Packers to two victories at season’s end despite playing with a severe calf injury.

The award was presented at the “NFL Honors” show Saturday night


  • Truth B Told

    So we have the best offensive player in the NFL and the head coach elects to kick FGs on 4th and 1 situations while playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Way to waste this extreme talent MM

    • volleyball4

      LOL so much truth.. just getting 1 TD would have changed a lot. but MM is too conservative for some reason. soooo dummmmb! I’m still mad, it should be Packers vs. Patriots in the SB. but Good luck to both teams

    • Mr. Bob

      So truth, the best offensive player in the NFL was supposed to do what to score a touchdown, a QB sneak, a 1 yard pass?? Bottom line is the offensive line needs to get the initial surge to drive those seabag linemen into the endzone so Lacey scores on 3rd down. Does it really matter that Rodgers is an MVP QB making the handoff to Lacey?? The offensive line who really did come together during the season and play well needs to make the blocks to allow Lacey to score in those situations, plain and simple. It’s all about execution.

      • Mr. Bob

        Since the award inception in 1957 only 2 defensive players have won, Alan Page in 1971, Lawrence “cocaine” Taylor in 1986. All the rest are either QB’s or RB’s.

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