Morning Glory provides for the homeless, but now they’re the ones in need

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MILWAUKE (WITI) -- Morning Glorylory has been on a mission for the past 7 years. The Milwaukee organization provides the homeless with food, shelter and clothing, but now they are the ones searching for help.

Inside Iglesia Trinidad Church, there's a revival going on.

The church has been a sanctuary for hundreds since 2008, they serve a congregation of not the wealthy but the poor, the ones who need it the most.

"It gives me inspiration, it lifts my spirit," said Tommie Hampton, homeless.

Hampton has found peace inside the church walls for 7 months.

After the death of his wife, a series of bad decisions left him homeless. Morning Glory has helped him find his way.

"Sanctuary for me, it gives me peace of mind and a sound mind to do what's right," said Hampton.

Hampton is one of nearly 120 who are fed breakfast every Saturday. But this meal is the very last one because the church was recently sold.

"The timing of this is not great at all. My heart is for the people, I feel I'm torn," said Lisa Hernandez, Director of Morning Glory.

With a winter storm upon us, Hernandez is worried. She's afraid the closure will put folks back on the streets with no where to turn and an empty stomach.

Morning Glory has looked at other locations in the area but they need $125,000 dollars to purchase a new facility.

Their hope is to reopen this summer.

If you would like to help, visit the Morning Glory GoFundMe page.

Or visit the Morning Glory website.