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Stock up Saturday: Folks flock to stores to prepare for winter storm

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Better to have an entire Saturday to prepare for an upcoming winter storm, especially if you have several stops to make -- you'd want to make them while the roads are still clear. While people are waiting for the white, a lot are seeing red.

When it comes to winter, weather usually wins.

But a day before a big storm, some players may have found their ace in the hole.

Finding a space inside a Glendale hardware store wasn't easy. Everybody was thinking the same thing -- stock up Saturday, so they can dig out on Sunday.

"Early this morning, as soon as we opened the door they were in here buying stuff, getting stuff. We had six people looking for snow blowers," said Ralph Ignatowski, works at Ace Hardware.

Just like his customers, Ignatowski thought ahead and loaded the store with essentials.

Twenty and fifty pound bags of salt were selling better than The White Album.

"It might not be the end of the world type snow, but enough to get everybody back in the swing of it," said Ignatowski.

Of course in Wisconsin, snow pretty much transcends everything else.

"It won't be the end of all time and we'll get through it," said Ignatowski.

Hopefully people were able to get what they needed today so they don't have to travel tomorrow.

But if you didn't and you can travel safely, hardware stores like Ace Hardware will be open Sunday morning.


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