“The big storms are where we make our money:” Snow crews anxiously await snowfall

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STURTEVANT (WITI) -- As the snow moves in, there are just some people who can't wait! Believe it or not, there are actually thrilled about the snow.

The snow fall is a great sight, especially for those whose businesses depend on it.

At one of Racine's busiest snow hills, patches of grass are mixed in with the reminders of snowier times. The lack of powder has put a damper on winter activities.

"It's been a frustrating year," said Tim Oezer, Owner of Belle City Lawn Care.

But it's also been bad for business.

"The big storms are where we make our money," said Oezer.

Oezer and Josh Daulton of Belle City Lawn Care have been waiting and waiting for what's been predicted.

"For this one, we'll probably be out 25-30 hours," said Oezer.

While the rest of us get ready for hibernation, they're excited to get out in it.

"This is supposed to be a long-duration snow event, so it's going to be a lot of hours in the truck," said Oezer.

They'll have 3 plows, with 6 workers clearing driveways and businesses until the snow stops.

"We'll be out pushing, keeping our commercial properties and residential properties open for our clients," said Oezer.

This all means preparing the equipment and getting the trucks ready to go.

"We'll crawl under them, make sure everything is good," said Oezer.

Hopeful the snow will continue, cautiously optimistic it will actually stick around.

"We'll see it to believe it," said Oezer.

The snow may not look like much now, but a lot more is expected overnight.

As always, a reminder be safe if you are out on the roads.