$40,000 raised in two weeks so thousands of students can see “Selma” in theaters

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Thousands of Milwaukee-area students will be able to take in the powerful civil rights film "Selma" free of charge -- all thanks to the fundraising efforts of Richard and Lori Lewis.

The Menomonee Falls couple started a fundraising drive in Milwaukee with the hopes of raising $5,000. Over a two-week period, more than $40,000 was donated by business owners in the Milwaukee area.

As a result, 3,000 Boys & Girls Club members can watch the Oscar-nominated film for free at participating Marcus Theatres throughout the month of February.

"I think all people with their family and everything should see it. I mean, it's a very inspirational movie," 12-year-old Zuri McGowan said.

More than 600 students will receive free transportation to see the movie.

The fundraising campaign has inspired other groups to see the film as well, with an additional 3,000 people attending showings through field trips and community outings.

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  • barton

    People should really do some research on Mr.king before giving any money just like voting people,research is very important if more people would have researched mr Obama he wouldn’t be president today

    • Ashley

      No it doesn’t make black people more racist, unless they’re just ignorant and think that way. It educates us, reminds us of where we’ve come from and where we are now, empowers us & builds us up. Stuff like this gets on my nerves it’s people like you that try to take away from the black community and our culture, this is who we are & I personally love these movies & it DOES NOT change my view on any race neither does it make me racist.!!

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