CHARGED: 49-year-old Racine woman, after her home was deemed unfit for human habitation

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Connie Kowalski

RACINE (WITI) — A Racine woman is facing multiple criminal charges — accused of mistreating animals. This, after deplorable conditions were found inside her home which was deemed unfit for human habitation by city of Racine officials.

49-year-old Connie Kowalski of Racine faces the following charges:

  • negligently providing improper animal shelter sanitation standards (three counts)
  • failing to provide proper food and drink to confined animals (three counts)
  • mistreating animals, intentional or negligent violation (two counts)
  • felony mistreatment of animals

Officers responded to Kowalski’s home on Howe Street in Racine back in September of 2014 for a report of a home unfit for human dwelling. Connie Kowalski was taken to the hospital, and the city of Racine’s Director of Environmental Health ruled the home to be unfit for human habitation.

Six cats were seized from the home, according to a criminal complaint filed against Kowalski.

Officers entered the home after donning hazmat suits and masks. Both reported an overpowering odor of ammonia and urine emanating from the residence, police say. Those officers also observed bugs flying throughout the home, and jars filled with cat feces.

Two malnourished cats were found inside the home, and one dead cat was found inside a first floor cabinet, police say. That cat appeared to have been dead for about six to eight months, according to the criminal complaint.

No food or water was found inside the home, police say.

Police found that the toilet wasn’t working in the home, and it appeared as though the bathtub was being used as a toilet, according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint indicates two squad cars that responded to the home were removed from service to be fumigated.

An officer reported that in his 23-year career, he had only observed one other home to be in worse condition than Kowalski’s home.

Connie Kowalski is expected to be in court for a competency hearing on February 27th.