City of Racine cleans up after a direct hit from February blizzard

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RACINE (WITI) -- Snow plow operators in Racine are working 16-hour shifts to make sure the roads and alleys in that city are clear after a blizzard blew through on Sunday, February 1st. So far, officials with the Racine Department of Public Works say they are able to handle what's been handed to them.

"The rate of snowfall, pavement temperature, wind, all sorts of things and our managers and crews do a very good job of responding," said Mark Yehlen from the Racine DPW.

The big dose of snow forced Racine Unified School District to keep its doors closed on Monday. It was great news for students eager to play in the snow. But the snow cause problems for others.

"We shoveled my driveway, we shoveled half the street," said Deanna Tafts.

Taft says she couldn't make it to work at a local sandwich shop by 6 p.m. on Sunday. She says she called well in advance, but couldn't get her car freed from the snow.

"I lost my job," said Taft.

Taft says an hour after her shift was supposed to start, the sandwich shop closed anyway -- due to bad weather.

Back to the Racine DPW, officials say there is a silver lining in this story.

"The fact that it happened on a weekend, we were able to get more folks out quicker," said Yehlen.