“We are handling it:” A busy Monday for folks in Kenosha, dealing with a foot of snow!

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- The winter storm that began Saturday night, January 31st and continued through Sunday night, February 1st dumped a foot of snow in Kenosha. That led Kenosha Unified School District to cancel classes Monday, February 2nd. On this Groundhog Day, folks in Kenosha were busy cleaning up after the storm.

The bad news for folks dealing with what Mother Nature dished out this weekend: More snow is on the way! The FOX6 Weather Experts say we'll see light snow arriving by early Tuesday afternoon that will linger into Wednesday morning. An inch or two of accumulation is possible with this system.

It's not what folks with sore arms from all that shoveling necessarily want to hear!

A foot of fresh snow means massive piles in and around Kenosha County.

"I started digging out about 6:00 a.m. this morning before I came over here. That was after I dug out yesterday. It didn`t matter. It was just as full again,"

The sound of snowblowers and shovels filled the air Monday morning and afternoon.

"It appears about 12-14 inches throughout the county,"

Homeowners and county workers had a busy weekend, and for some, it was a stressful start to the work week.

"We started about 9:00 p.m. Saturday night and we`ve been working continuously since then. Last night we had about 30-40 miles-per-hour sustained winds. It pretty much covered up all the work we got done over the course of the day Sunday. We have about 35 trucks out today. We also added six graters that are out just scraping some of the hard packed snow off the roads," Kenosha County Highway Commissioner Gary Sipsma said.

County crews weren't the only ones hard at work. Nine-year-old Elle O'Reilly and nine-year-old Katie Polick took advantage of a day off school -- playing in the snow, and crafting a snow fort.

"We are having a blast!" the girls said.

For the most part, folks in Kenosha County were making the best of the fresh snow.

"It's not that bad. We are handling it. It's Wisconsin. What do you expect?"

Plowing and salting operations were ongoing in Kenosha County Monday. The winds led to whiteout conditions as the storm pushed through on Sunday. From noon Sunday through noon Monday, the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department says 101 motorists needed assistance, and they dealt with three personal injury accidents -- two rollovers, and one hit-and-run.