“It’s all about the view:” Several inches of snow, tall piles make it difficult for drivers to see

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A foot of snow was registered at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport this past weekend, and even though most of that snow has been cleared from roadways, it's still making things difficult for drivers.

Sheila Harris has a Hummer because the height helps her to see when she's driving.

"It's all about the view. I've always preferred a higher-up vehicle. Why? Because I can see better," Harris said.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Harris cleared her windshield to improve her perspective, but the snow piles were still making it difficult to see.

"Have to kinda inch up and look both ways a couple times," Harris said.

Drivers are also having to crane their necks to catch a glimpse of oncoming traffic as piles of snow are gathering at intersections in and around Milwaukee County after all that snow fell this weekend. And a few more inches were expected to fall on Tuesday.

"It makes it harder for older folks to drive. I don't know about you young people," Harris said.

Virginia Sykes says she's lived in Milwaukee for 40 years, and has overcome a lot of obstacles, but she says the tall snow banks do make driving difficult.

"Sometimes you can't see the other way around. We need help!" Sykes said.

A FOX6 News crew saw a Milwaukee County vehicle working to minimize a snow pile near Atkinson Park Tuesday afternoon -- but with a few more inches of snow on the way as rush hour begins Tuesday evening, drivers should be prepared to proceed with caution.

"I better slow down and go slow," Sandra Beamon said.

Representatives with Milwaukee's DPW and the Milwaukee County Highway Department say if you spot a snow pile that's causing problems, you can give them a call and they'll do their best to get out and make it easier for drivers to see.

DPW's phone number is 414-286-2489.

The Milwaukee County Highway Department's phone number is 414-257-6566.