Where to go with all the snow? Milwaukee, Racine haul it from city streets to parks, open lots

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We know there is a lot of snow on the ground -- with more on the way. Once all that snow is piled up, where does it go; where are cities putting it? FOX6 News got answers.

Every few minutes Tuesday afternoon, an orange truck filled with snow stopped at Pershing Park along the lakefront. That is where Racine dumps its excess snow. Public Works Commissioner Mark Yehlen says crews are racing to remove as much snow as possible.

"If the temperatures are going down like they are now, we know if we don't get to it soon, it's gonna be frozen in place and then moving it is gonna be extremely difficult," said Yehlen.

In Milwaukee, crews also have plenty of snow to move. This winter, there is a different place to pile all of the city's excess snow.

"We normally are under the Hoan Bridge. But because of the work going on there, our temporary snow dump is located at 27th and Hopkins," said Wanda Booker, Milwaukee Sanitation Services Manager.

The effort to move all of that weekend snow stops when the next round of snow starts. At that point, the public works trucks stay in the street.

"Once we start hitting 3-4 inches, we have to start plowing in the local streets too -- and once we move to that plowing of local streets, any moving of any snow downtown or anything of that sort is going to have to be postponed," said Yehlen.

As for the snow crews were able to move, Yehlen says it will stay there until Mother Nature takes care of it.

"As the spring develops and we go into late spring, those piles will keep getting smaller and smaller," said Yehlen.