“One blood donor can save three lives:” American Red Cross needs you to donate a pint

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a much-needed resource -- one that is used to save lives every day. But Wisconsin's wintry weather is cutting down on its supply.

Blood donors are always needed. But that's especially the case right now -- thanks to Mother Nature. Wintry weather tends to lead to a drop in donations -- and the spread of the flu does too.

"Last month in January, we had 230 blood drives cancelled in 23 different states which resulted in nearly 7,500 uncollected blood donations," said Heidi Homa of the American Red Cross.

The blood supply is needed for everyday emergencies. But it's also for scheduled surgeries.

As a national network, the Red Cross has a unique responsibility to help ensure blood is available for patients whenever and wherever it is needed. That's why the Red Cross urges eligible donors to roll up their sleeves and give blood and platelets to help support the recent decline in blood donations due to winter weather cancellations and seasonal illnesses impacting blood donors availability.

We're told in the Milwaukee area, there is a blood drive somewhere just about every day.

"One blood donor can save three lives and it takes only an hour to donate," said Homa. "There's not much else you can do in an hour's time to save three lives. So if you can, if you're feeling healthy, you can make it to a blood drive. We'd love to see you come out and donate."

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