Police: Suspects steal $2, cell phone from pizza delivery driver; could they be responsible for crime at Speedway?

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WEST ALLIS/GREENFIELD (WITI) -- You can hold the anchovies, but there's still something fishy about a recent pizza order in West Allis! $100 worth of pizzas, but police say the person ordering them had no intention of paying. And as it turned out, he didn't even want the pies!

Police say two suspects robbed a West Allis Toppers Pizza delivery man.

"One of the individuals came up from behind him and said, 'now we`re taking your car,'" Greenfield Police Sgt. Sean Licht said.

Sgt. Licht says it all started with a call into the West Allis Toppers store on Highway 100 around 11:15 p.m. The caller didn't have a special order -- but he did question whether the delivery driver would be able to break large bills.

"The Toppers employee informs him, 'no our drivers don`t carry a lot of cash,'" Sgt. Licht said.

The caller put in a massive request for pizza and soda -- more than $100 worth. It was to be dropped off at an address near 104th and Howard Avenue in Greenfield. When the delivery driver arrived...

"He parks in front of the given address and sees two individuals walking toward him on the street," Sgt. Licht said.

One man identified himself as the caller, and the driver got the pizzas from the passenger side of his vehicle.

Police say the other individual came up from behind him and demanded his cash and phone. The driver gave up everything he had.

"Two dollars he had in his wallet, and a cell phone," Sgt. Licht said.

Police say the suspects allowed the driver to keep his credit cards.

Leaving the pizzas behind, the suspects -- described as two white men of average height, wanted more. They put the man in a chokehold and tried to take his car. The victim punched his way out of it and sped off.

Police say the suspects didn't stop there. Shortly after the robbery, they headed to a Speedway gas station in West Allis.

"We believe they could be associated with this robbery as well," Sgt. Licht said.

Sgt. Licht couldn't say what was taken during the Speedway robbery, or whether it was captured on surveillance video. We're told both of the men who took part in this crime matched the description in the incident involving the pizza delivery man.

Greenfield and West Allis police are seeking information in this case. If you think you could help -- you're asked to give them a call.


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