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CHARGED: Technician finds child pornography on Sheboygan man’s computer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Thomas Wirth

Thomas Wirth

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — 42-year-old Thomas Wirth of Sheboygan is charged with ten criminal counts of possession of child pornography.

According to the criminal complaint filed in this case, Wirth had reached out to a computer technician on January 15th because his computer “was having problems powering on.” The technician fixed the issue — and “then checked other programs to ensure there were no other problems.” That included conducting a virus scan.

During that scan, the technician told police he noted a program that was running. The complaint indicates the technician clicked on the program and “discovered files that appeared to contain child pornography, at which point he notified police.” An officer dispatched to check on the call seized the computer tower and hard drive.

The next day, officers made contact with Wirth. The complaint says he confirmed he had provided the technician with “his computer for repair and spontaneously stated it might contain child pornography.” He admitted to the detective to using a “peer-to-peer network…to obtain the pornography.”

If convicted, Wirth faces 150 years in prison.

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  • bwcarey

    the number of children with access to pornography is the greatest of all scandals, trying to lay the blame on the individual when it’s society that should be in the dock, what do you call it, narcissism on a global scale, the issue of online porn is the issue, i wonder why so little was ever done by all those who deem themselves concerned on the issue, just being honest, amen

  • lewis

    I’d much rather have some weirdo sitting at home jagging off to pictures than have him out doing actual harm to children

    • Derrick

      Your comment makes no sense. In order for there to be child pornography, there has to have been a child photographed in a sexual manner. Where exactly do you figure there is no harm to children?

  • erin moseley

    Have someone you hate and want to even the score with? Secretly plant some child porn on their computer and then drop an “anonymous” tip to police. Woks every time, since the prosecutor does not have to prove anything else, only that there was porn on the computer and the computer belongs to him. They will likely revise the law someday, but until then this works every time.

    • Derrick

      You have little to no experience with computers. When something is downloaded there are clues all over the device as to where, how, and when they were downloaded. It really isn’t that easy.

  • lone ranger

    Dirty little secret police actually plant pornography on the internet because its sooo easy of a bust. They dont like it when you ask them why they dont go after the people actually putting it out on the internet. In a certain county of Wisconsin thousands of people have been arrested for viewing adult pornagraphy also . The sheriff in the particular county is a strict catholic who is dead against pornagraphy except his priest is allowed to view it.

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