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Milwaukee, Janesville police chief push for funding to help young, at-risk mothers

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Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Janesville Police Chief David Moore

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Janesville Police Chief David Moore are calling on Congress to extend funding for a program that allows nurses to meet with young, at-risk mothers while they are pregnant — and return that first year after they have the child.

According to a report released Wednesday morning, February 4th, allowing those nurses to visit helps young mothers become better parents, which reduces child abuse and helps prevent future crime.

The funding is set to expire in March.


  • christina

    Hell to the no. This is a terrible idea that will easily be abused. Moms can already have visits from their children. There are already programs that help children visit incarcerated parents by giving rides. Really want to make a difference? How about making sure that parents – both dads and moms- are incarcerated in prisons less than one hour from their children, making visits easier.

  • bderk.

    What about the dads? same treatment you give dads should be given to the mother. I am a mom, but fairness to both parents. tax payers money being used wisely!!!!

  • braken da law

    I think flynn and our awesome mayor should ask their wifes if they could barrow their b@lls once in awhile… barret and flynn should just jump on the choo choo and head to the land of make believe!!!

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