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Plea deal in separate case leads to DNA sample that connects man to sexual assault during home invasion

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- It has been more than a year since neighbors in Sturtevant saw police in their neighborhood, and for the first time, they are learning what happened inside.

A newly-released criminal complaint says investigators say in November of 2013, three men broke into a home and surprised a married couple watching TV. The suspects demanded money. When they were told there was none, two of the suspects tied up the husband -- forcing him into a car. They then drove to the Community State Bank on Durand Street.

When the ATM didn't work at that bank, they moved on to the U.S. Bank on Wisconsin.

As money was being collected using the husband's debit card, back at the home, the wife was being sexually assaulted.

"Short of a homicide, I can't imagine much worse," Racine County Assistant District Attorney Patricia Hanson said.

Hanson says the wife's attacker attempted to destroy any evidence from the attack.

"He sprayed something in her mouth to try and clean up what he had left behind," Hanson said.

It's a horrific crime that could have gone unsolved. But in June of 2014, Omar Aldape pleaded guilty to a single charge of felony drug possession in Milwaukee County. He was sentenced to nine months in jail with work release privileges -- and he was required to submit a DNA sample. Officials at the State Crime Lab in Madison discovered that Aldape's DNA matched the DNA recovered from the scene of the home invasion and sexual assault in Sturtevant.

Aldape wasn't happy to see FOX6 News cameras in the courtroom as he made his initial appearance on first degree sexual assault/use of a dangerous weapon, burglary/armed with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery with use of force charges. He covered his face with a hood.

"There is a big camera staring at me. I don't want to be on no news," Aldape said.

Aldape denies any involvement with the incident in Sturtevant, but prosecutors are confident they've finally found their guy.

"In my experience with DNA, it is almost irrefutable. It's as good as we get," Hanson said.

Prosecutors say they have no new information on the other two suspects in this case, and it appears the victims were chosen at random. Aldape's bail was set at $100,000, but due to a pending case out of Milwaukee County, he's ineligible for release.

In the most recent case against him out of Racine County, Aldape is due back in court next Wednesday, February 11th for his preliminary hearing.

That pending case out of Milwaukee County charges him with felon in possession of a firearm, and he's set to stand trial in that case.


  • Bob

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    • beavis and butthead

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    • jim

      Please tell me what could have happened in anyone’s life which would make such a violent sexual assault defensible. I will check back often for your brilliant case study. I can see a simple burglary. I get that people get desperate and make bad choices. This is inexcusable

    • exlonghauler

      Bubba probably will, dude’s mug shot looks like a transgender type and I would speculate they are popular in there.

  • Fancy

    You must be related to him making this stupid comment. I wish I was there to see the expression on his face when he got charged. KARMA is that B*tch.

  • JustAnObserver

    You must be his relative or maybe you were one of the other men. No one would defend this guy unless they knew him. Every step of the way he could have stopped or left. All his choice, no one else’s. Doesn’t matter what he went through. It doesn’t matter now though, i know they’ll like that hair where he is going. Bwahahahah

  • Sierra

    No need to post this, he is innocent. They only trying to pin it on him because his DNA was the only DNA that showed up at the scene. There’s two other people involved in this but they haven’t found they DNA yet so they trying to pin it on my man. Everyone is going to be real salty when he gets back out & is found innocent.

    • Bob

      You are an idiot too sierra. His dna showed up in her mouth stupid. It is he who did it and no body else in the world could have possibly done it. How ignorant can you be?? He is guilty as the day is long and leaving the dna behind seals his fate. He will go away for a long time so you better look for another low life piece of shi_ to hang with wench…

  • Bob

    You are an absolute piece of shi_ for defending this piece of shi_!!
    Its not as if they had the intent to sexual assault the women. so don’t try and make it seem like that was the intent all along. p.s. they caught 1 of them men so don’t put the whole blame on him bk he could have been pushed into it. I have never read anything more stupid in my life. You are a loser and you should join him in jail shi_bag!! It wasn’t his intent to sexually assault the woman. He assaulted her idiot. He sprayed chemical in her mouth idiot.

  • Bob

    Look this absolute shi_bag up on CCAP. He is a convicted felon who also has a felony charge pending against him for a felon possessing a firearm and now is being charged with 1st degree sexual assault, burglary armed with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery with use of force. He is a shi_bag through and through and really needs to be executed. Unfortunately Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty. This 19 year old worthless scumbag will spend the rest of his life behind bars thank goodness. But it costs the taxpayers money to keep him there. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he will meet the same fate that Dahmer met behind bars???

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