ARRESTED: New Berlin West High School boys basketball coach accused of possession of marijuana

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NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- New Berlin West High School boys basketball coach Christopher Foley has been arrested -- accused of possession of marijuana. He was arrested on Friday, February 6th.

Foley has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation. He hasn't yet been criminally charged.

In a letter sent home to parents, New Berlin School District officials explained that a staff member was arrested on Friday night for "possession of illegal substances."

New Berlin police say boys basketball coach Christopher Foley was arrested on three drug-related charges. He was booked and released on Friday night, according to police.

The alleged incident apparently happened after a game.

New Berlin School District officials say they suspected a staff member was in possession of illegal substances, and police were called immediately. Investigators say the drug was marijuana.

School district administrators wouldn't comment on camera. School Board President Dave Maxey said leaders cannot discuss personnel matters.

Without naming him directly, the letter to parents expressed disappointment in Foley's alleged actions: "We are committed to employing staff members who serve as positive role models for our students. Illegal substances have no place in our schools or by any staff member."

School leaders couldn't confirm whether Foley continues to be paid while on leave.

Waukesha County's District Attorney's Office says charges against him could come as soon as Tuesday, February 10th.


  • gaillynnkenyon

    So Stupid! Pot should Be Legalized…Not Immoral Considering It Can Cure Cancer, Build Homes, Make Clothes, and So many Other Positives. This Is A Waste Of Legal Resources and A Ruin Of A Mans’ Life …Come On Peeps wake Up!!!

  • joe

    What drug did they find??? NONE they found a all natural herb. This world is corrupt. Alcohol can and does kill alot of people. Weed does not and never will. Gateway drug? No more than alcohol or a cigarette. Can go on and on.

    • Tyrone

      So heroin is just a herb too right? Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. I guess tobacco is just a herb now too.

  • Every American

    Chris, wish you wouldn’t have brought it with you and I’m sure in your head you had a reason and now are kicking yourself in the A** for it. But for real Wisconsin, legalize it, give it medical use or give leniency to these flowers. This has screwed up so many lives not because of the flowers but because of the punishment. It’s not a drug, more of my friends got addicted to actual drugs because of their doctors and Wisconsin knows about opiates and the harm that has done. So give it a rest. I started smoking at 13, now I smoke legally on the west coast where I provide for myself, I own a photography company that I run on my off time from my architecture job that I work at when Im not traveling the world. Yeah pot has really messed me up.

  • Joe Bob

    Good job Law Enforcement and the legislators who empower them. Let’s ruin yet another life because of what somebody did to relax in the safety and privacy of their own home. Definitely worth getting someone fired, put in jail, and given a scarlet pot leaf they will wear forever. STOP WASTING OUR MONEY ON THIS PETTY BS. This is not the reason I pay taxes!

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