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He used his own Taser to stop an armed robbery at a bar, and now he’s in trouble!

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LA CROSSE (WITI) -- A man at a bar in La Crosse used a Taser to stop a robbery -- and now, he's facing criminal charges.

It happened early Monday morning, February 9th at King's Korner, a bar on 8th Street South in La Crosse.

A woman pointed a gun at a bartender and demanded money. That's when Jeff Steele walked up to the woman with his Taser and she ran off. The woman was later arrested, but she's not the only one facing charges.

Steele is in trouble because of his Taser.

Steele faces a felony charge because he didn't have a concealed carry permit.

"I didn't think I did anything wrong by any means. I assumed that it was legal to carry around. Otherwise, why would you buy one to leave it at home? How is it for defense then?" Jeff Steele told WKBT.

"You can have it in your home and on your private property without a concealed carry permit, but you do need to keep a concealed carry permit to carry it out in public," Officer Lisa Barrix, with the La Crosse Police Department told WKBT.

Steele wasn't immediately taken to jail because police realized he was trying to help.

The District Attorney's Office has to decide whether to pursue the felony charge.

The woman believed to be responsible for the armed robbery, 24-year-old Heidi Thompson is being held on $10,000 cash bond. She is facing charges of armed robbery and disorderly conduct, WKBT reports.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via WKBT in La Crosse.


    • lolsmack

      So you’re an expert on the millions of different laws and regulations that go from the city to the county to the state to the federal level? I highly, highly, doubt you know every single law and regulation in this country.

    • dark space

      Doesn’t the law say something about your right to bear arms shall not be infringed? Ignorance of the law is not a good defense, but states seem to be getting away with it regularly these days when ignoring the constitution.

  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    If the La Crosse Police Department or the local District Attorney charges La Crosse resident Jeff Steele with any violation, yet alone a felony violation, the good citizens of La Crosse should immediately begin action for the removal of the Chief of Police and the District Attorney from their positions.

    Mr. Steele is a hero who stopped an armed robbery, and quite possibly prevented the shooting of La Crosse citizens. The State of Wisconsin Concealed Weapons Laws are so vague and unknown to general population, and citizen level Tasers are being sold to the general public without any restrictions; that most citizens would “NOT” know there is any permit required for their possession.

    Mr. Steele did “NOT” display or use his “personal defense Taser for show, bragging rights, or any illegal or criminal intent reason …… in fact, to this day, had it “NOT” been for the felonious actions of 24-year-old Heidi Thompson robbing the King’s Korner bar on 8th Street South in La Crosse at gun point on February 9th, no one would still have any knowledge of Mr. Steele’s Taser ownership.

    As 39+ year dedicated servant to our country of which 30+ years of that is dedicated law enforcement service, retiring as the City of Franklin Police Department Chief of Police, I personally believe that Officer Lisa Barrix should have explained that that there is an excellent chance that La Crosse resident Jeff Steele will “NOT” be charged with any criminal offense, if “Professional, Level-Headed and Common-Sense Minds” review this case and decide the outcome.

  • Al

    I rarely comment on articles like this however, This is a less-than lethal selfprotective device that can be bought nearly anywhere with no anything yet the law declares carrying a SELF DEFENSE ITEM a FELONY????!?!?!?!? Had this item been used to commit a crime sure hammer them for the intent to commit a crime. Laws like this are harming our country greatly. Moral to this story is get the Permit and Carry a Firearm, he could have shot her then and been in less trouble. That is sad……. Self-defense is being rated as a crime in far too many instances today.

  • Dan

    Maybe I missed it, but was Heidi Thompson (The ARMED robber) charged with carrying a concealed weapon? If not, why? Unless she openly carried it from the time she left her home until she was flopping around on the floor (thanks Jeff!) then she should also have that charge.

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