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Stun gun incident prompts gun rights activists to push for change in state law

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OCONOMOWOC (WITI) -- A Waukesha County school district has suspended one of its workers because she had a stun gun in her car on school grounds. The employee could now face criminal charges too. Now, gun rights activists are using this case as an example in their push for a change in state law.

Oconomowoc police say on January 21st, officers went to the high school after a school employee told authorities a co-worker had a weapon on the property. We are not naming the employee because she has not been charged.

Police say the worker told officers she kept a stun gun in her car's glove compartment, which police found when they escorted the woman to her car. She now faces a potential charge of "possessing a dangerous weapon other than a firearm on school property."

"A lot of people are unaware that you're not allowed to, even if you're a 'conceal and carry' license holder, you're not allowed to have a gun in your vehicle if it's on school property, even in the school parking lot," said Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry.

Clark says the woman should be protected under the state's conceal and carry law, which covers stun guns. The problem, Clark says, is that Wisconsin has not updated its gun-free school zone law.

The state law reads that it 'does not apply' to anyone in accordance with certain sections of the federal version. Clark says the state law should not include Section 2 of the federal law, which applies to those who have a conceal and carry license in the state in which the school is located. And in this case, Clark thinks stun guns should be covered too.

"It seems to me they would be treated as one in the same," said Clark.

In a statement, the school district said the following:

"A district employee has been placed on administrative leave while the district completes an internal investigation. The individual was in possession of an electronic stun gun, which in Wisconsin, is recognized as a dangerous weapon on school grounds."

The Waukesha County District Attorney's Office says this case is under review. The charge is a misdemeanor. It's a felony to illegally possess an actual firearm on school grounds.


  • Hmmm

    since when is ignorance of the law make it ok to break the law? They don’t teach you the laws when you get a license to carry? Not sure I like the idea of a weapon in a glove box for someone to break in and steal. I’m sure an employee handbook states she was breaking the rules too as most do for schools. A lot of things to make you go hmmmmm

  • Idiots

    Over reaction. That being said if you wouldn’t have ran your mouth off and told someone about the stun gun in your glove box nobody could have tattled on you when you pissed them off for some reason.

  • Hmmm

    Nope. All for owning guns but in the responsible way. Don’t believe they should be in school property unless carried by an officer or an employee that the scroll has approved and is aware of. It also should not be unattended in a vehicle on the grounds. There are too many idiots in this state running around with illegal fire arms. What is wrong with knowing with WHO is carrying?

  • Chill

    The following are exceptions to the prohibition on possessing dangerous weapons on school premises by the following persons:

    A person who drives a motor vehicle in which a dangerous weapon is located onto school premises for school sanctioned purposes or for the purpose of delivering or picking up passengers or property if the weapon is not removed from the vehicle or used in any way. Wis. Stat. § 948.61(3)(e).

    I disagree with the charge. She should be covered under this section of the concealed carry law. Employment should fall under “sanctioned purpose” and the weapon remained in her vehicle the entire time.

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