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No citations for 92-year-old man who hit nine vehicles in Piggly Wiggly parking lot

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MAYVILLE (AP) — Police say a 92-year-old driver who struck nine vehicles in the parking lot of a Wisconsin grocery store won’t be cited.

Police Chief Christopher MacNeill says the episode in the Piggly Wiggly lot in Mayville last Friday was simply an accident.

He says the man pulled out of his parking spot, got his foot stuck on the accelerator, panicked and lost control of his vehicle.

Two of the nine vehicles he struck were occupied. No one was hurt.

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  • ....

    I hope this 92 year old has family that will step up now and care for him so he can get to the store and anywhere else he needs to go. So sad that his family wasn’t there for him to begin with and this most likely wouldn’t of happen in the first place

  • george lieberman

    what the hell. if his foot was “stuck” on the accelerator then how did he keep shifting from drive and reverse? anyone else would have been arrested but since he’s 92 then he gets off?

    The moral of this story apparently is if your old you can get away with stuff like this *face palm*

  • tell the truth

    Yeah and who will . Pay for all the damage. The 92 yr old? His insurance. .no ticket given. Good luck folks…with a claim and reimbursement….yeah it is a big mistake he is allowed to continue to drive….

  • braken da law

    when i hit 92 im gonna test drive a f350 dually and have a demo derby in the local wal mart parking lot …im gonna tell the cops that i panicked when i sharted in my depends.. gonna laugh all the way home when my kids have to pick me up

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