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Kids learn how to protect their teeth for Children’s Dental Health Month

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A bright smile adds to a person's confidence and overall health.

With February being Children's Dental Health Month, professionals from Dental Associates are visiting area schools to teach 4,000 children how to protect their teeth.

"People who do not take care of their teeth you're going to get an infection with bacteria. The bacteria can get into the bloodstream and affect the heart," said Dental Associates Patient Care Coordinator Deborah Salfer.

As they spent time at St. Rafael School, students practiced how to properly brush on a friendly dinosaur named Mr. Farley.

Many children were surprised to learn how much sugar is in the foods and drinks they enjoy and the damage that can do to their teeth.

They also learned how to floss away potential cavities and play dress up.

"We try to make it fun by them dressing up as a doctor they're not so scared. They're laughing at it, they're having fun with it," sad Salfer.

Although all these children will lose the teeth they have now, it's still very important to take care of baby teeth.

"Decay can affect the children's adult teeth. So as they grow older their adult teeth are not going to grow in," said Salfer.

Not only were the students learning about oral hygiene they also practice healthy habits everyday as they brush their teeth after lunch.

"Giving them the tools on the right way of doing it is really good for them. They really like that because they show other people. If someone's not doing it correctly they'll remind them not that way," said St. Rafael School Educational Assistant Myrna Lozano.

An important lesson that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Dental Associates met with children in first grade, K4, and K5 at St. Rafael School.

Along with the lesson, all of the children received a dental kit with a toothbrush and tooth paste to take home.

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  • Chase Wilson

    Dental health is so important. I feel like starting dental health from childhood is a great idea, because then it is an acquired life-long habit. As the article stated, one small infection could get into your bloodstream and affect your heart. With the high sugar foods these days it’s so easy to get behind on your dental health and get a cavity or infection. Great job with the article! It’s short, to the point, and easy to understand.

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