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New Berlin West High School basketball coach, Christopher Foley, in trouble again!

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NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- Just a few days after he was arrested for possession of marijuana, a fired New Berlin basketball coach is in trouble again. This time, it's for allegedly sending creepy messages to a female co-worker. The messages were so bad, the woman is filing a restraining order.

Last week, Christopher Foley's first year as New Berlin West's boys basketball coach came to a screeching halt.

Foley was arrested on February 6th after a game. District leaders say they suspected Foley was in possession of illegal substances and called police immediately. A district representative tells FOX6 Foley was caught with marijuana on school property.

After a short administrative leave, district leaders terminated Foley's employment. He also worked as a special education assistant at the school.

On Tuesday, February 17th came a new claim against Foley: A female teacher's aide says Foley bombarded her with text messages and emails -- wanting to start a romantic relationship with her.

According to court documents, it began in November when Foley allegedly followed her to a bar. A month later, the woman says Foley sent her text messages -- one reading "you need to love me." Another claimed Foley's love could "fix her."

The woman blocked Foley's number and emails, but then in January, Foley allegedly showed up outside the woman's house. The woman unblocked Foley after his marijuana arrest to see if he would be at work on February 9th.

Foley responded, saying: "Why were you out with creepy, nasty (man) last night downtown" and sent her emails to her school district email account.

"I will never unblock you," the woman later wrote back. "If you ever contact me again on my work email, I will report you. Leave me alone."

The court documents show she felt so harassed she decided to seek a restraining order.

When FOX6 News stopped by Foley's house on Wednesday, February 18th, he closed the blinds and wouldn't answer the door.

But the victim's attorney released this statement to FOX6 News:

"Regrettably, Mr. Foley scared my client with his obsessive behavior, and failed to heed my client's demand that he stop contacting her."

FOX6 News is told the Sheriff's Office served Foley with a temporary restraining order Wednesday, February 18th. A hearing is scheduled for early next month to try and make that permanent.

Foley has not been charged in the marijuana case. However, the Waukesha County District Attorney tells FOX6 News charges are expected by the end of this week.

School district leaders say if you have concerns about Foley's conduct or information about either case, you're asked to contact police or the New Berlin School District.


  • Rick

    Disnshe ever explicitly state that he needed to cease and desist? If not, then this case has no merit. Also, why did she feel the need to talk to him to find out if he would be at work? You dont do that when you are afraid of someone. Theres more to this story.

  • Bonds

    Uhhhh yeah not buying this story. She sounds more like a disgruntled ex. Why did she give him her phone number so he could text her? And why unblock someone if you’re afraid of them? Then go public with the alleged stalking after he is fired? Nowhere in this article does it say she has proof of his emails/texts. Maybe she is the stalker?

  • Rick

    So, stating obvious legal facts makes me a stalker? Really? Stop using emotionalism and name calling as the basis for your argument. If you want to disagree, fine. But man or woman up and use actual discussion to do so.

  • Clueless

    Sounds like the girl was the crazy one in all of this, so sounds like he isn’t in trouble, again! Sad that this is the type of news reporting we get, finding pleasure in someone’s pain. And it was all a lie. Considering they had been dating would it surprise anyone if she was involved in what he got in trouble for in the first place and felt some…pressure?…and wanted to look like the victim?

    Anyway, hopefully this girl was the Superintendent or has a side job that makes some money, because defamation lawsuits can be expensive.

    Now the question becomes will Fox 6 show up at her door and ask her siblings for comments on her lying? Will they apologize to the coach?

    Well, those aren’t even questions, we all know the answers are “No” and “No.” Wonder if Fox 6 can be sued for their role in this…

  • Sam

    This article, and the reporting surrounding a story of petty pot possession is such a shame to read. And let’s throw on an unsubstantiated claim from a clearly crazy woman to get more readers to your crappy website. That’s really all that matters.

    I played sports with Chris growing up. And while I haven’t spoken to Chris in some time, I can tell you about the kind of guy he was back then. He was one of the most responsible and loyal friends a high school kid could ask for. He was a charismatic leader that brought out the best in those around him. He was a laudable dude. And those things don’t disappear. Even when you smoke a little pot now and again.

    The school Chris was coaching at, or any for that, is incredibly lucky to have him. Thank god talent like that feels the magnetic pull towards helping out others.

    I wish Chris all the best as he puts this ridiculous story behind him.

    Fox6, I will continue to expect a low bar of sensationalist writing from you. Complete with exclamation points. Which are important when you wish to let people know this isn’t actually news, just a tabloid unafraid to drag a good man through the mud.

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