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He killed a teen, dismembered her body: Is Keith Addy ready for conditional release?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He was found guilty due to mental disease when he killed a teen and cut up her body more than a decade ago. Now, 38-year-old Keith Addy wants back into society.

On Friday, February 20th, Addy joined a Milwaukee County court hearing from the Mendota Mental Health Institute -- his choice. But he is hoping to leave the facility on conditional release -- and possibly move to Madison.

Addy murdered 19-year-old Anna Marie Lewandowski and dismembered her body in 2003. He put the body parts in several trash bags in a dumpster behind his West Allis apartment.

Now more than ten years later, Addy wants out of the mental health facility -- and Dr. Robert Rawski agrees that he should be released.

"From a psychiatric standpoint, this is a very easy case to treat. And I'm not terribly frightened by the original crime," said Rawski. "It's very important to know that he has a very serious illness with very severe consequences if not treated. But his illness fortunately is rather easy to treat."

But just as adamant is the doctor who says Addy should stay put -- even though Addy is doing quite well at Mendota.

"With Mr. Addy, there are a number of historical factors that raise his risk for potential re-offense," said Dr. Brooke Lundbohn. "Those include his prior history of violence, his history of non-violent offenses, which would include the sexual assaults."

Dr. Lundbohn says Addy's early employment and relationship instability as well as his mental illness played a role in her assessment that Addy should not be granted the conditional release.

We are awaiting the judge's ruling on Addy's request.


  • Mike

    “It’s very important to know that he has a very serious illness with very severe consequences if not treated. But his illness fortunately is rather easy to treat.” And that’s the problem. These people are released and it is up to them to take the prescribed medication or treatment. Society deserves better and the victim deserves better. We pay taxes to be protected from people like this so protect us already! Who is going to be there to force the meds down his throat? Who is going to be there to make sure he gets his “treatment”.?

  • beavis and butthead

    And I’m not terribly frightened by the original crime,” said Rawski………good, then let him live with YOU!!!

      • George

        That is disturbing to me as well. It seems the GOP trolls are not interested in commenting on crimes done by crazy white people. They are the racist conservative christians that are lining up to point fingers at other races and over generalize and entire population for the crimes of the few. It is what they think they have to do in order to keep their white christian neo-nazi utopia alive.

  • To

    Let him rot says the folks who know no better. She wasn’t a productive member of society either. Not that it’s ok to kill but Keith isn’t a bad guys and he should be given a second chance. He served his time. I support Keith.

    • George

      Anyone capable of dismembering another human should never be allowed out. Scum like this deserve to rot in prison for life, not 10 years in a mental health facility.

    • beavis and butthead

      “to” you are just as sick as he is…wouldn’t doubt you being a sick murderer yourself…hope they catch you!!

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