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Charges filed: Prosecutors say pot was found in New Berlin coaches office

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- 29-year-old Christopher Foley of Milwaukee, a fired basketball coach, now faces several charges in connection with drugs allegedly found in his possession at New Berlin West High School. The charges Foley faces include: Possession of THC, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Christopher Foley

Christopher Foley

According to the complaint, officers with the New Berlin Police Department were dispatched to New Berlin West High School around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, February 6th for a drug complaint. The assistant principal and athletic director indicated to the officers that "one of their teachers...was possibly using or in possession of marijuana. They further advised that the defendant is the head basketball coach for New Berlin West High School." Apparently the athletic director "smelled the odor of raw marijuana" coming from Foley's office.

The complaint indicates the officers then deployed a K9 in Foley's office. Inside the officer detected "a very strong odor of raw marijuana coming from within the closet." The officer conducted a search of the closet and located marijuana" as well as a multi-colored glass pipe...used to smoke marijuana." The officer also found a "baggie of suspected marijuana."

Authorities brought the K9 in the school's parking lot, and it hit on Foley's car. Inside police found remnants of pot in the driver's side door, the floor, and the center console. Police also located another multi-colored glass pipe.

When officers questioned Foley about the items, the complaint said "he was in the process of moving and had just thrown the items in his bag. The defendant stated he purchased the marijuana several months ago and occasionally smokes marijuana." Foley apparently denied selling any marijuana to kids or having any medical reason to smoke it.

If convicted, Foley faces up to eight months in prison and $1,000 in fines.

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  • Mr. Bob

    Another one of those “addicted” pot smokers. Hmm,where should I store my weed and my pipe? I guess I’ll store it in my office at school in case I experience an overwhelming need to smoke a little pot at work. Yeah that seems like a good idea… Maybe I’ll stalk and harass that other hot teacher while I’m at it???


    are these last two comments a joke? “addicted” pot smokers is an oxymoron. Mr Bob > If you knew anything about the medical research being done on marijuana, you’d know there has never been anything proven to show it has any addictive qualities at all. Maybe this female teacher he was “stalking” is actually just crazy and had a relationship with the accused for months leading up to him getting busted at school. how about you wait until all the facts come out before jumping to judgement about a person you know nothing about?

    and Landlord… how do you figure this guy ‘looks like a typical pothead’ ? I’m guessing you don’t get out much do you?

    • Mr. Bob

      Foley, I am sorry that they found the pot and pipe in your office. You should not have stored it there. You know that thing about not having drugs or drug paraphernalia on school grounds? For your next assignment I want you to look up the word sarcasm. That is what I am using when I refer to “addicted” pot smokers. That may be well over your head. As far as the stalking goes, following the woman around and telling her you saw who she was with. Yeah that’s stalking foley. When a woman warns you not to text her anymore because she will seek a restraining order it is probably a good time to stop. Again you are apparently a bit slow on the uptake. Best of luck to you on your pending prison sentence and fines. You probably can kiss the teaching profession and coaching profession goodbye. Maybe pursue your new career as a drug dealer!!!!

    • Mr. Bob

      Oops,forgot to mention, I agree with Landlord he (You Foley) does look like a typical pothead!!! Now go back to watching your porn in your mom’s basement!!!


    Wow Mr Bob. you seem like a real winner sitting behind your keyboard making yourself laugh with your oh-so-clever use of sarcasm. what does a ‘typical’ pothead look like… a 29 year old white kid? cause that’s about all I can get from that pic of Foley. no beard, no long hair, no tye-dye shirt, no bloodshot eyes, what exactly makes him ‘look’ like a pothead? enlighten me please.

    clearly it was dumb of Foley to bring pot to school… no dispute there, but this ‘stalking’ issue is a complete joke. Hopefully you have the stones to come back and post another message when the real truth about this female teacher comes out and she gets fined for filing an inaccurate police report and hauled off to the loony bin for being crazy.


    Mr Bob – just to keep you updated… the restraining order was dropped before they even made it to the initial court appearance. as mentioned before, that girl is CRAZY and wanted to pile on Foley while he was down. hoping to get her 15 minutes of fame I guess.

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