Menomonee Falls High School students learn how to file their taxes

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MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- He didn't win the lottery, but Menomonee Falls High School Junior Cole Sterr sure feels like he did.

"I got about $248 back. So that`s a good day," said Sterr.

The high school is hosting its 5th annual tax day.

"We saw kids getting almost a thousand dollars back from both federal and state together and we had a student who had to pay in," said Menomonee Falls High School Business Teacher Lisa Kiefer.

Students who have taken the Personal Finance class helped their peers fill out their tax forms.

But they're not just doing the work for them, they're showing them how it's done.

"It`s nice to know that I know how to do it now and I`m a grown up," said Sterr.

When people hear the words taxes it doesn`t typically bring a smile to their face, but this environment not only makes it educational it also makes it less stressful.

"It was a lot more comfortable and easy. I felt like it would be okay to make mistakes, where if I was working with an actual accountant I would feel a little more intimidated," said Sterr.

Personal Finance students also had the opportunity to network with professionals.

"We have alumni CPA`s that come in and they help us and they look over the forms," said Kiefer.

"I`ve talked to some of them of what they do on the daily, what it took to get there, how they had to pass their exams, like that`s great to know," said Menomonee Falls High School Senior Stephanie Chudy.

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