6-year-old boy battling genetic disorder receives a Make-A-Wish day fit for a superhero!

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GREENDALE (WITI) -- Make-A-Wish Wisconsin arranged a shopping spree fit for a super hero today in Greendale! It was all for a Milwaukee boy battling a genetic disorder.

In a time of great distress, the stage was set for an epic showdown. As the people of Greendale anxiously awaited the return of Spidey Kid.

6-year-old Giovonni Realzola is perfect for the role because he's been a fighter for much of his life.

"Giovonni has been through a lot in his 6 years. He's dealt with a lot of doctor visits and treatments and all sorts of stuff," said Forest Doolen, with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

On any given day he's going toe-to-toe with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis.

On Saturday, February 21st, a chaotic chase ensued until Spidey Kid and Greendale police had the villains cornered.

"Greendale's police department, we've got their rescue squad, we've got their fire department, so there is all kids of folks rallying behind the cause what Giovonni is going to do for us," said Jon Otterbacher, President and Store Manager at Macy's Southridge.

Which is more than restoring peace to the Village of Greendale -- Spidey Kid reminds us the importance of being young. And how age doesn't prevent people from doing great things.

"It takes an entire community to make these wishes come true and to see a community gather together to be part of that experience -- it's what it's all about," said Forrest.

Giovonni also received a key to the Village of Greendale. He was also treated to a shopping spree in the kid's department.

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