LAWSUIT FILED: Beneful dry dog food has resulted in serious illness and death of thousands of dogs”

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(CNN) — Beneful dry dog food produced by Nestle Purina PetCare has “resulted in serious illness and death of thousands of dogs,” a lawsuit says.

The eight kinds of Beneful dog food have caused internal bleeding, liver failure, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, seizures, bloat and kidney failure, the suit said.

The named plaintiff in the suit describes how one of his dogs died after eating Beneful and two of his dogs got sick. In the past four years, consumers have made more than 3,000 online complaints about dogs becoming ill or dying after eating Beneful, the lawsuit says.

Bill Salzman, director of corporate communications for Nestle Purina PetCare, issued a statement denying the allegations in the lawsuit.

“We believe the lawsuit is baseless, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves and our brand. Beneful had two previous class action suits filed in recent years with similar baseless allegations, and both were dismissed by the courts.

Like other pet foods, Beneful is occasionally the subject of social media-driven misinformation. Online postings often contain false, unsupported and misleading allegations that cause undue concern and confusion for our Beneful customers.

Bottom line: Consumers can continue to feed Beneful with total confidence.”

The class action lawsuit, filed February 5th in U.S. District Court in Northern California, seeks $5 million in damages.

The plaintiff, Frank Lucido of Discovery Bay, California, says he first purchased Beneful food in December or January, the suit says.

Lucido’s German Shepherd, Nella, became ill on January 17th and his English bulldog, Dozer, was found dead January 23rd in the yard, the lawsuit says. Lucido’s third dog, a Labrador named Remo, became sick around the same time, the suit says.

The lawsuit says Purina Nestle knew Beneful dog food was harmful and sold it without adequate testing and without properly investigating reports of pet deaths and illnesses.

Beneful contains propylene glycol, an auto antifreeze component, and mycotoxins, toxins produced by fugus found in grains, the lawsuit says.

The eight kinds of dry Beneful food are Purina Benful Healthy Weight, Original, Incredibites, Healthy Growth for Puppies, Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Healthy Radiance and Playful Life.


  • Bruce Nead

    My dog Mojo a schipperke was fed Beneful dog food and treats for one year. He died of liver failure and internal bleeding in April of 2013

    • kelly a

      My dad started buying Beneful after moving into my home. my dog was never sick before eating beneful dog food. he died April 25th, 2015!

      • Sharon Virginia Sherman

        I’m so sorry for your loss !! I quit feeding My Julius Beneful after reading this and I only fed him Beneful, but his liver started failing him and Vet wanted to put him down and I refused !! so I starting giving him Milk Thistle, praying and crying and it is helping him thank God !!

      • Jeffrey Wright

        im not sure this is even real. strange. I commented a year ago and called. they did call me back about a year or so ago. so who nows

  • detrice

    I was buying beneful for my dog.he would not eat.I heard that this was a great dog food. ..he had diarrhea with blood. ..I would like more information. ..

    • Jackie

      I’ve never been on one of these sites before but after reading a few of the reviews It made me sick. Please please if you are able to swich your dogs food to a raw diet with no grains once you start to see problems with your pet Some of the signs are nonspecific and may be seen in other disorders such as liver or pancreatic diseases, or urinary tract disorders not involving the kidneys. Signs may include:

      Watch for increased thirst and urination
      Increased water consumption (polydipsia)
      Increased urination volume (polyuria)
      Decreased urination (oliguria)
      Lack of urination (anuria)
      Voiding urine during the night (nocturia)
      Blood in urine (hematuria)
      Decreased appetite (anorexia)
      Weight loss
      Hunched over posture or reluctance to move
      Poor or unkempt hair coat
      Have the vet do blood work on the kidneys
      It can happen quickly, depending on the age of the pet and how bad off the kidneys are you might be able to save them
      I was able to save my dog before it got any worse now I wach her closely
      Good luck I hope this helps

      • Ashley

        Thank u much for that info… my dog has all that except the blood in urine .. but I never analyzed it either… I’m calling the vet ASAP… I’m so sick to think this .. n my kids will be soon hurt if we loose our dog but it’s started months ago but I both my dogs off that food when I could afford better stuff…Idk … I’m scared now.. but THANK YOU

      • Jackie

        Feeding your dog food that YOU TRUST is not always easy, but what help me is feeding her a raw diet at least now I KNOW what is in her food. I did not think I could do it AND I thought it would cost more not only was I wrong but her health has improved greatly. Some vets will tell you not to switch but for me I will NEVER go back to can or dry foods again for any CAT OR DOG AGAIN.
        It’s just turkey meatloaf with peas & carrots plus other healty foods HUMAN GRADE I just do NOT COOK IT FOR HER. Even her treats are what I make for her because of her allergies I do not put grains in her food.
        This can happen in humans and pets
        Kidney & liver failure can be a slow process or can happen within days. The problem is once it starts Cells of the kidney cannot replace or regenerate themselves as they do in the liver, lungs, bone and skin it is lost forever.
        I hope that you can catch it in time make some changes and prolong there lives

      • kelly a.

        yes, Jackie, now that I’ve read you post. I have noticed that my dog has had increased thirst and urination. I was thinking diabetes. poor or unkempt hair coat too. thanks for the comments. this is serious. my dog is soon to be a 9 year old boxer. he looks sick and the kids are very upset about the recent changes in his health.

  • Nancy Grinstead

    I want to be involved… My young 5 year old male malamute passed after having seizures he got a growth on his liver they could not do anything for him. Now his young 3 year old daughter has had seizures and just been diagnosed with a thyroid problem so far… The mom at this time has not got sick. I am scared so scaredI will loose my baby girl.. so far all the vet bills have came to about 12,000.00 and I lost one …I mixed the food as a treat for them. :(

    • lolsmack

      Well the company will say it’s working as intended. Dogs can’t gain weight if they puke all day, right?!

      Hope they get better and good luck.

    • Jackie

      I’ve never been on one of these sites before but after reading a few of the reviews It made me sick. Please please if you are able to swich your dogs food to a raw diet with no grains once you start to see problems with your pet Some of the signs are nonspecific and may be seen in other disorders such as liver or pancreatic diseases, or urinary tract disorders not involving the kidneys. Signs may include:

      Watch for increased thirst and urination
      Increased water consumption (polydipsia)
      Increased urination volume (polyuria)
      Decreased urination (oliguria)
      Lack of urination (anuria)
      Voiding urine during the night (nocturia)
      Blood in urine (hematuria)
      Decreased appetite (anorexia)
      Weight loss
      Hunched over posture or reluctance to move
      Poor or unkempt hair coat
      Have the vet do blood work on the kidneys
      It can happen quickly, depending on the age of the pet and how bad off the kidneys are you might be able to save them
      I was able to save my dog before it got any worse now I wach her closely
      Good luck I hope this helps

  • Wendy

    Two of my dogs got unexplained bloody diaherreaa both at different times. Negative for parasites had to be on IV fluids so dehydrated vomiting so scary? No real reason why could be found just ” nasty bug in intestinal tract” of some sort will throw away this food now!

  • Tiffany Wilson

    Oh my. I have tears in my eyes! I lost my miniature poodle 3 weeks ago. He suffered with kidney problems and began having really bad seizures. I fed him beneful for years. He was my family and I mourn over his lost daily. I WANT TO SEE THEM PAY!

  • Pam Moore

    I lost my dog a few years ago and I fed her Beneful Healthy Weight for years. She ended up having a seizure and later died by my side. Maybe if I would have known the facts about this dog food it may have prevented the loss of my beloved pet. So disappointed in Purina!!

    • Vicky Sullivan

      I switched from Kibbles and Bits to Purina Dog Chow in 2013 and within a year, both of my perfectly healthy dogs were dead. One refused to eat, had diarrhea, went from 180 lbs to 90 lbs he had a growth on his pancreas and had to be put down Sadly. 2 months later, my other dog just layed down and died one morning unexpectedly, unknown causes. I was totally heartbroken… never thought it could be the food, now II think ALL Purina dog food should be looked unto!!! I am sure they use similar ingredients.

  • tanya m Davis

    my dog was on deaths door before we took him to the vet and realized he has diabetes we fed him Beneful from day one he got diabetes when he was four I also have a friend who feed his three dogs Beneful two of them ended up with diabetes

  • Sharol

    I haven’t given my dogs dry Beneful food, but have given them Beneful can food. Have not seen any reaction. Any feedback on can food would be appreciated.

  • daniel jones

    Wow the commenta of whats happening to these dogs are exactly whats happening to my 3 yr old rott he doesnt want to go outside he wines alot now i didnt understand why he.lost weight so if someone could forward me the info abt this lawsuit

  • Villacorina1960

    I just had that moment when I realized why our four year old Jack Russell became ill!!!!!! After taking him to the veterinarian and having blood work done because he was lethargic and crying, the Dr. asked if we gave him anthing different to eat. I said no, However, my husband bought Beneful as a last resort because we were not near a Whole Foods where we normally purchase his puppy food.
    COINCIDENCE? ????????

  • Kim

    I lost my 4 year old boxer. I fed her Beneful dry dog food. She had rapid weight loss, diarrhea with blood, liver and kidney failure. I would also like to be notified about this lawsuit.

  • Jackie

    Please god don’t let this be why Charlie passed away…

    He had all these symptoms before we had to say goodbye. It only took 5 days till he was gone…

    He broke out with his seizures, he was bleeding through his mouth uncontrollably, always drinking water like if he hasnt drank in years, he got weak, he loss all his weight from 145 to 89 pounds, bleeding from his stool, diarrhea and his pulse and heart rate weren’t matching up…
    Before switching his food to MAX he was eating the beneful food (green bag)

    I didnt want to believe it until Rene was reading it and told me to look at it right now…

    I need answers NOW!!!


  • DeeAnn

    My dog also has been eating beneful he has been having symptoms of having seizures he has had it 2 times now. Saw this so I guess I will

    be changing food b

  • liberalmkejudge

    Everyone should look at the ingredient list of the foods for your pets. Any animal ‘by-product’ is basically animal garbage- like feathers, feet, necks, and intestines, and if it is the #1 or #2 ingredient of your pets food- you are basically feeding them garbage. This is true about beneful as well as many other major brands.
    So the bottom line is if you feed your pet garbage, and expect good results, you are mistaken.

  • Alyce Rexses

    My Maya died of acute renal failure after eating this dog food!!!!! Need information regarding lawsuit. They need to pay. I lost my best friend.

  • Ruth Misklow

    I have also noticed my dogs are getting skinny, have a body odor (that reminds me of mange) and they sleep a LOT more than usual. They act sick, but I figured it was because of moving to a new state. I don’t plan on feeding them any more Beneful Healthy Weight or any other brand they make. I am worried now :(

  • Jeremy

    Ive feed my dog this food for eleven years now and no health problems at all she is currently still on it with no health problems or vet bills. It’s funny as soon as lawsuit comes out in an article everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I hope every single person has proof of these so called vet bills and proof that the food was cause of death. Cause me personally haven’t had one single problem with this brand of dog food!

    • GAK

      We have 3 dogs on Beneful Healthy Weight & we have not had any problems with our dogs. It has helped them to lose weight which was why we started using it since they had all gotten too heavy in their senior dog years. They have been eating it for about 2 years now with no problems.

  • MaJawor

    My dog has been on Beneful for 10 years and she is 14 now, still active and alive. She acts like a dog half her age. She has NEVER, let me repeat, NEVER experienced any of the problems described in the lawsuit. She is a perfectly healthy dog

  • Sheila Mccrea

    It makes me sick that the purina ppl will say sentences such as this lawsuit has no basis….that is a LOT of people for them to call liars. Well, I’m not part of the lawsuit, but I am here to say that BOTH of my dogs have been sick for over 2 months with diarrhea and vomiting. They do eat Beneful….I suspected the food after ruling everything else out and changed them to nutro a few days ago. They seem to be getting better but if this company caused any type of permenant damage to my sweet Shih tzus that are our FAMILY, then you best believe thatI will be a big part of anything to bring you Hitlers down!

  • Kelly

    We have a bassett hound and have been feeding her Beneful Healthy weight for years. She has had a lot of blood in her urine and the vets cannot tell us why? We have tried many things and maybe this is the reason. Going to switch her food immediately and see what happens.

  • Alicia Roche

    We would like to know more also on the lawsuit. We feed our 19 year old Yorkie/Poodle mix Beneful for years….. both dry and wet food. He started having seizures and we attributed it to his old age, but he was otherwise healthy in every other aspect. Sadly, he passed from seizures and we are now presume it could be from feeding him Beneful for so long. Miss our little furry friend.

  • hanna

    “Lucido is seeking unspecified damages and restitution. He’s represented by attorneys from Ram, Olson, Cereghino & Kopczynski LLP of San Francisco, and Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group of Tampa, Florida. To read the lawsuit filing, go here.”
    “The Beneful Toxic Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit is Frank Lucido v. Nestle Purina Petcare Company, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. If you think your pet was sickened by tainted food, contact attorney James Young with the Morgan & Morgan Litigation Group at 813-275-5272.”
    I copied these quotes from different news stories

  • Teresa Woodard

    Would like more information on this lawsuit. We lost our Boxer last year we was feeding her the Beneful healthy weight. This really up sets me to read this.

  • TheDehmer

    I would be interested in joining as my 3 year old Yorkie died quite suddenly of kidney failure. The vets couldn’t understand what happened. This may shed some light.

  • Wanda Cudd

    I have been feeding my lab/boxer mix for the last 11 years of his life. I have never had the issues with him getting sick off the food. Took him to vet when I first saw this and had him tested. He was just fine. I never buy the food at Wal-mart cause I never know how long it is on the shelves so I go to Pet’s Mart or Petco to get it. You may want to check to see how long the stores has had their items on shelves before purchasing cause that all depends how long it has been there.

    • Wanda Cudd

      Just saying my dog never got sick off this food. I even feed his mother it when it first came out. WHen she died it was not due to the food it was due to her breed. His mother was a pure breed boxer and died when she was almost 14 due to cancer. and it was normal for her breed and she lived longer than her breed so now people are going to far.

      • Ellyn Salmon

        I have been feeding my dog Beneful since he was a puppy. He is now 2 1/2 and has no ill effects from this food. I will watch him but as of k=now do not plan on switching.

  • heatherbwilliams

    My dog has been eating Beneful for the past year and her teeth have began to completely rot. In addition I took her to the vet last week and I discovered she has liver issues and several rotten teeth and she’s now on meds which will hopefully repair her liver. If anyone has any info on the lawsuit please let me know. Purina should be ashamed!

  • Debra Luther

    My baby died yesterday and had blood coming out of her rectum. How do I get in on lawsuit as we used this product.

  • Natalie Policht

    I lost my dog, Snickers to kidney failure and this is the only dog food that I fed here. I want action and I want it now! I lost my daughter and I cannot get her back! Fox 6, I live in Milwaukee, please contact me with all info so I can file a law suit!

  • ronda adan

    I also would like more info. My puppy half pu n half mini pinch was vomiting n had diarrhea for a week or so and i took her to the vet which she told me she should have surgery after doing xrays. After that surgery nothing was found obstructing anything. I decided to quit feeding her that dog food and fix her fresh food. Since i have stopped the Beneful she has quit the vomiting an diarrhea. After reading this artical im totally convinced it was the food. I still have bag along with upc code so any info about this is greatly appreciated. This is my first pet ever and shes my everyrhing. Lets prevent this happening to any ither dog. P.S. im still paying the 1,000+ dollars on the vet bill that should not have been needed due to the negligence of Purina.
    Thank you for any info on this.

    Ronda A

  • Jenn

    Does anyone know any more information on this lawsuit. We adopted a boxer pit mix puppy in January and began feeding her Beneful Puppy Food. She began having severe diarrhea, bloody stools and lost weight. She was stooling sometimes 20-25 times a day. Two vet trips, a month later and a new diet she is seeming better. I am certain it was the Beneful.

    • Lisa

      PLEASE pick up the phone and do it now! The BENEFUL lawsuit attorneys told us that ANYONE in the US who has had ANY issue with Nestle-Purina’s Beneful causing illness or death is highly encouraged to phone the team handling the Class Action Lawsuit at: 877-667-4265 or 407-452-6990 They will conduct a phone interview no matter where you are. So CALL – participation will not cost you a dime!

  • Caroline

    My 2 1/2 year old Labradoodle has been on Beneful since last March, I believe, and started having seizures in May 2014… we had his blood taken and tested and the vet said he is healthy and “perfect”…. Well, then he had the seizures every month through July, then twice a month… finally, in January, He had two in just six days so we went back to the vet and he put the dog on anti-seizure medication. He also vomits more than normal and we thought it was just him getting into something he wasn’t supposed to be getting into. I am changing his food TODAY (gradually) and think the food could be the culprit. How do we join the class action lawsuit? It has cost us some money with vet visits and meds and if turns out that my dog is symptom free after changing the food, I would like to be part of the lawsuit. Thank you!

  • Lori stone

    after hearing about the lawsuit, I thought i should tell someone about my dog. Two weeks ago she became very sick and almost died. I took her to the vet she was anemic and her white blood count was very low with medicines and lots of care she’s getting better and my vet said change dog food and I did and she’s slowing getting better, I hope.

  • Steve rominiecki

    Yes Wallmart had a Special this past month, I bought two bags , I don’t have a receipt wonder if they take them back , and wonder if these greedy corporations pulled the product off the shelves . I had a dog die about six yrs ago when them jerky treats were in the news , a black lab Missy only 8yrs old.

  • Lisa

    PLEASE pick up the phone and do it now! The BENEFUL lawsuit attorneys told us that ANYONE in the US who has had ANY issue with Nestle-Purina’s Beneful causing illness or death is highly encouraged to phone the team handling the Class Action Lawsuit at: 877-667-4265 or 407-452-6990 They will conduct a phone interview no matter where you are. So CALL – participation will not cost you a dime!

  • Maida K. Latvis

    My dog also has been eating beneful and is very sick. What can we do to reverse this or cure it? Anyone? I just called Morgan & Morgan at 1 813 275 5272 to join the lawsuit and get more information. I hope its not too late. She hasnt eaten in 5 days or eliminated. She is weak and has received subcutaneous fluids three times, xrays and an ultrasound. Poor little one. She is very very sick.

  • Tracy Newman

    I would also like to no more info on lawsuit. I lost 2 of my dogs less then a year apart. Been feeding them this dog food for awhile.

  • Marlana

    We have fed both our dogs, Chihuahuas, Beneful dry dog food & treats for years & have never had a problem. We feed them Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Heartfuls, Hugs, Stars & Snackers. We feel for those who have lost their beloved fur babies.

  • Dawn Emery

    Is this just dog food because I have been feeding my cats Purina for years and lately they have been throwing up all over the place.

  • Cas

    I’m not sure what people expect when they feed their dogs garbage. A little research on dog food can go a long ways people.

  • Rebecca

    Our dog threw up for two days and then refused to eat for five after that. Our two other dogs had diarrhea, I threw the bag out and bought another brand. The dog that threw up actually smells his food to this day before he eats it now! Poor boy! I am so disappointed that this company is more interested in fighting this rather than trying to help the pets they’ve injured and do right by the ones they’ve killed.

  • Linda & John Raffino

    Our beloved gentle giant Akita BEAR just passed away 2/10/15. He was at the vet 2 wks prior & all seemed OK except for a now & then cough. He was at our pet sitter when we got the call. They believe he died of bloat during the night. We started feeding him Benefull the past two months. We are devastated.

  • Chris Bellantoni

    My 4 year old Husky has been fed Purina Beneful PLayful Life for his whole life. The passed 2 years he has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. He has violent seizures randomly and there is no cause. Otherwise he is super healthy. I am convinced Purina is the issue. Who do I contact about this? I have had $10k+ in vet bills.

  • lee minor


  • nikki

    I just got a bag of this because I had a coupon. He has been eatingit for 10 days and has not had any problems at all. After reading all of this I will be going back to the Purina puppy chow. I am really upset that I am out $13.00 especially because I have been out of work for the past 3 months on maternity leave and I don’t have money to spend like that.

    I am sorry to everyone who lost their fur babies.

  • Renata Cobbs-Fletcher

    My dog Chester was fed Beneful and died of possible lymphoma after liver failure, diarehaa and weakness. Please tell me how I file a complaint. I am searching online but nothing is poppingup. This was a horrible loss for us, and from the beginning I was skeptical about the lymphoma diagnosis for our young and very strong and energetic dog. Things happened much too quickly for this to be the case, in my opinion. Help!

  • Jeanette Andrus

    Our dog is sick since Johnny bought Beneful last week and started feeding her she has refuse to eat the last two days and is acting strange. mimi

  • Marie Berry

    my dog had the systems of vomting and bloody stool, where now he is going to the vet, ihad no idea it was the food he was eatting, i want to join the lawsuit, if i loose my dog, ill be crush

  • Jackie

    All Purina products contain this antifreeze Purina killed my uncles kitten that was nearly 11 months old. She was a healthy cat and one day started having seizures and died of kidney and liver failure I want to join this lawsuit with him!

    • Kira Rogers

      I wish I knew where to go on there it’s hard to find our new dog is now on something else and he will eat it even know he bags For Our food we don’t know how to stop it our other dog did not do that he would get the left overs I miss him dearly

  • francesca

    I bought a new bag of original beneful dog food on February 10th from Walmart in modesto ca. it’s been a week my dog has all the systems of this bad dog food ….took him to the vet today waiting for results tomorrow morning I will follow up with people in the morning about the result .I’m so sscared I returned the food and told walmart about the contamination….
    keeping my dog in prayer

  • francesca

    If you think your pet was sickened by tainted food, contact attorney James Young with the Morgan & Morgan Litigation Group at 813-275-5272.

  • Andrew

    Fed my boxer Beniful Healthy Weight for years. He used to throw up two or three times a week. Hasn’t thrown up once in the two months he’s been on Science Diet

  • Marni Hernandez

    My miniature Chihuahua puppy that my daughter got for Christmas was eating beneficial puppy food and one day in the morning was fine the just started getting sick and had diarrhea and died within six hours :-(

    • Marni Hernandez

  • Sidney

    How do you join this lawsuit? Z (10 years old, fed Beneful Healthy Weight for at least 6, good health previously, passed away Feb 2015.)

  • Morgan wilder

    My dog only ate beneful his whole life. Has seizures for years and was on medication then abruptly bled out to death in my lap at only 8 years old. Vet didn’t know why. I strongly believe the only food he ever consumed caused this

  • Jamie

    How do you join this lawsuit ? My 8 month old puppy became very ill after eating Beneful Puppy and I spent over $700 in vet tests.

  • Danielle

    We have been feeding our dog purina dog chow and she has seizures! I would like more information if it is in all brands of purina??? Bc she has been a happy healthy dog since we rescued her four years ago until now?

  • sylvie daponte

    i fed my dog thinking beneful was a healthy brand she started to vomit changed her food no more vomiting!

  • Patrick

    Agreed, I would like to know as well. My dog suffered for over a week before passing. She was only 4. We spent over $800 in vet bills to try to save her.

  • randee

    My mom’s dog died in 2014 after giving. Purina dog food had many symptoms of arvo but the dog. Was never sick and she was seven. Yrs old, after she died I got the remaining. Dog food from here and with in a month my dog got really sick and died it was so devastating. That I had to take my child to the emergency. Room where they had to put him on xanix to calm him down. So I be leave it was the dog food now only after beating my self. Up

  • Louise Beauchamp

    Our lil doggy was getting sick off and on for a year, now we know why!!! I am soooo angry about this!!! She better not have permanent damage because of this rotten dog food!!! I will be a part of this lawsuit!!!!

  • Tiffany Wilson

    Tammy, that’s awesome! I fed beneful to my poodle for years as well. However, years later he possessed more than half of these symptoms. And of course it’s too late to make any changes. I would definitely consider changing their food to prevent future complications. Better safe than sorry.

  • Kelley

    My 3 year old and 2 year old beagles suffered seizures bad went to vet almost to put my 2 year old Max down the had been on beneful for a year it was horrifying for my children and I. How do I become part of class action law suit?

  • Jody

    My dog has been losing his hair but he has been eatint benentful sense he was a small puppy never had any problems with the food!

  • Jeffrey J Wright

    My dog has ate purina beneful for about 2 out of the last 3 years. She was getting sick and vomiting and very lathargic. I even took her to a vet. She is alive and doing better but i would bet it was the food that was making her sick. How do i file for the lawsuit? Thanks Jeff Wright

  • Mr. Bob

    The union organizers fed this food to the protestors on the bus trips to Madison for the Right To Work protests and there have been no reports of death in the news although some went to their vets to get doctor’s excuses for missing work.

  • Mike Davidson

    I fed my English bulldog beneful and we lost him October of 2013 due to liver failure and complications from his liver. . We had been feeding him beneful for a few months prior to this

  • Fred O

    This is terrible! I have been feeding my dogs this food for years and they have had a number of seizures, often upset stomachs, and some times vomenting. I have noticed weight loss in the older dog but just assumed it was normal. The only thing that changed in our lives was a move and I attributed these aliments to the new environment. About 2 or 3 weeks ago one of them threw-up and it looked to have blood in it. Is there a healthy dog food choice?

  • Fred O

    I hope your right! I’ve feed my dogs this for many years how ever they have displayed all of the above mentioned issues. I’m more concerned with getting a healthy food for my dogs than anything else. The only people who make money in a class action are lawyers.

    • Francine A. Ruta

      U r so right…I’m gonna check with my vet…if this caused my dog death…his sister died around the same time & I feed them both Beneful. His lungs filled up with blood…I had to watch my dog die…if it could have been this food…I Will join yr fight.

  • Marcrlla

    Within a month of feeding my dog Beneful bc I got it for a good deal at target last year , my dog started having seizures, within 3 months she died. I WOULD DO ANYTHING to have known these facts before i fed my dog this DEADLY food!

  • Myrna Ramirez

    Does anybody know how to enter into this lawsuit. I am having problems with my labrador. His stool is Bloody and continues to throw up some vile liquid. Please help!! A local vet directed me to this article.

  • tessa

    Have never fed my Scotties “store bought dog food”…Always research what is in your pets food, read the labels, heck ingredients….Merrick Grain Free is a great brand, as is Blue…They may cost a bit more, but it is worth it..

  • ryddur

    Propoline Glycol is in a ton of foods and is not harmful. Its one of the main ingredients in ecigs and has yet to kill anybody.

    • David Donaldson

      This is a typical mistake that people make when they get hysterical and don’t really understand what they are reading. Propylene glycol is a perfectly safe, FDA approved food additive that is consumed by anyone who eats processed foods. To be fair, it IS used in antifreeze, specifically because it is a non-toxic replacement for Ethylene Glycol, which was the poisonous ingredient in antifreeze years ago.

  • Jonathan David Harris

    My wife was feeding our beneful . He became very sick so we took him to the vet and he said our dogs liver was failing . Took him home and for the next two days he pissed blood and threw up the antibiotics I was giving him then died

  • Daina

    My sons st Bernard just died from kidney failure, she was just two years old. She was fed Beneful. She started with whining, then kidney infections, the complete kidney failure. Stop using this brand immediately.

  • BMT

    My pitbull just turned 7. I had had her since she was 6 weeks old. She’s everything to me. When she refused to eat Pedigree after 6.5 years, I switched her over to Beneful Healthy Weight. She loves it. I noticed about a month ago she started drinking a lot of water and recently started vomiting. I really hope she is not affected by this or I’d be devastated. I pulled the remaining Beneful dry food from her food dish and switched her to iams today. The new bag of Beneful I purchased is now in the trash, I am not about to risk losing my puppy. I even made a vet appointment for her tomorrow for a check up. We shall see if this works and nothing bad happens to her as described in prior posts. Sometimes we have to pay a little more out of pocket to ensure our animals are safe and healthy. I selected Beneful initially because my dog is a picky eater. I hope she takes to iams. I am really sorry for everyone’s loss and can’t imagine life without my dog. I wish Purina would launch a true investigation to all these horrific allegations instead of make a statement that will help continue making a profit on a product that is potential harmful to animals….our family members.

  • Peggy Way

    Can you or anyone tell me who to contact about the lawsuit? Our dog started having tumors come up on his legs after starting to eat it.

    • Taylor

      how do i get involved in this lawsuit? my pug died from severe pancreatitis, he also had liver failure, kidney problems, went completely blind, loss of appetite, and had two massive seizures. please help me get in contact with this lawsuit.

      • patti

        Call 1-877-667-4275 That is the attorneys office handling it. I just called. Makes me sick to know I was poisoning my dog!

      • Kira Rogers

        This number dose not work it is sky tell Keeps asking for a pain number as you wish but went I tryed it it would not go anywhere so do not use it it is the wrong number

  • garrick

    I switched brands because of this .y dog was vomiting a lot I thought it was bcuz of his age but when I switched it stopped so I hope they get hit hard

  • Jackie

    I’ve never been on one of these sites before but after reading a few of the reviews It made me sick. Please please if you are able to swich your dogs food to a raw diet with no grains once you start to see problems with your pet. In acute disease, such as a toxicity, the signs occur suddenly and can be very severe. In chronic kidney disease, the onset may be very slow and the signs fairly nonspecific, i.e., the animal is “just not doing well.”
    Some of the signs are nonspecific and may be seen in other disorders such as liver or pancreatic diseases, or urinary tract disorders not involving the kidneys. Signs may include:
    Changes in the retIna (turns yellow)
    Painful kidneys (touch under,if they let you between the ribcage and back legs) if they tense up or it looks bloated or they cry out go to the vet immediately!
    Watch for increased thirst and urination
    Increased water consumption (polydipsia)
    Increased urination volume (polyuria)
    Decreased urination (oliguria)
    Lack of urination (anuria)
    Voiding urine during the night (nocturia)
    Blood in urine (hematuria)
    Decreased appetite (anorexia)
    Weight loss
    Hunched over posture or reluctance to move
    Poor or unkempt hair coat
    Have the vet do blood work (a chemistry panel) on the kidneys
    It can happen quickly, depending on the age of the pet and how bad off the kidneys are you might be able to save them
    I was able to save my dog before it got any worse now I wach her closely.
    I can only tell you what worked for us
    Good luck I hope this helps

  • Ashley

    Please tell me if my dog is going to make it through this… some months back my mom had switched the dog food to beneful… well I thought my Chihuahua just wasn’t chewing her food so I read up n it said don’t let her eat for 24-48 hours but she can drink water…but she has been having seizure since we switched her but thought it was too long to tell now

  • denise

    Dogs are not designed to be fed a grain based diet. Most of the dogs foods sold at grocery chains and large retailers are made with cheap ingredients that lack proper nutrients for dogs and cause long term health issues. Please go to to look at their dog food reviews of 100 of brands of dog foods. What you feed your pet has a direct impact on their health long term. Beneful and many other brands are made with cheap ingredients full of grains and fillers. Your dog food should be meat based diet (perefably chicken meal, salmon meal, etc.) avoiding grains and by products. Please do your research and adds years to your dogs’s life. What you feed them makes a huge difference.

  • Natalie

    For those of you looking for information regarding the Law Suit, please contact Morgan and Morgan at 877-667-4265.

    • Denise Appletone

      Morgan and Morgan is a waste of time. I called and got transferred 4 times and had to keep repeating my question, who I was, why I was calling, how to spell Beneful, etc..

      They are more interested in getting your name and email for marketing purposes than they are about helping with your inquiry. What a waste of time. In the end, after giving them all that information and wasting 15 minutes of my time, I was finally told they are no longer taking inquiries on that case.

  • Toni

    Hello Bobby, Yesterday my Shepherd, Rottie mix starting with similiar symptoms. He is lethargic, whining, mor tlike a whiper or cry. (something he never does), and sometime has a hunched over posture. He is sad and depressed and just wants to lay down. He started uriniatiing in the house much to his embarassment. The vet cannot figure out what is wrong.
    I am so worried, th vet is not taking the Purina issue seriously it seems. My dog does get a mix of Purina Beneful in his regular dog food.

  • T

    I’m so sorry for the people who’s dogs have become ill or died. However, this is a prime example of how education and research could prevent tragedy. All you need to do is read the ingredients – it’s horrible food! The low quality, fillers, chemicals, dyes ect….Foods of this caliber have been killing dogs and cats for years. Yes, it’s cheap.. Yes the dogs like it. And you certainly get what you pay for when it comes to your pet food. We are responsible for taking the best care of our pets as we can – even if it means spending a little more time and researching what we feed them to ensure they can live long, healthy and happy lives. Go to a pet store.Talk to someone who works there, they’re a wealth of information. Hop on the web – has reviews and ingredient breakdowns of hundreds of foods. Please don’t just buy the first food you find at the grocery store!!!

  • Lisa

    My dog ate Beneful Healthy Weight for several years and then got sick out of the blue. He had an ultrasound and a lot of tests done and was diagnosed with liver failure. He died 1 month later in September of 2013.

  • Eva

    Hello fellow Dog Lovers ! You would understand how hard it is to watch you Friend suffer. About a week ago I bought a bag of Beneful””Healthy “” Fiesta. The night before my dog ” Anna” was in perfect health, next day my dog got a terrible case of diarrhea along with vomiting and not able to stand up or walk. I thought maybe she ate something in the Yard and did not relate it to the food. But after days of not recovering I brought her to the Vet.who ran her blood work. Her
    kidneys where not working at all. She is now on IV Fluids and medication, but still not eating and it does not look good.
    It was not until yesterday that I found out about the other dogs who had eaten Beneful with similar symptoms.
    I feel terrible….what if I lose my “Angel” just because I bought the wrong food !!!!

    • Natalie

      I have read your comment and this is exactly what my dog, Snickers went through last year. I lost her shortly after bringing her home with diabetes and kidney failure. These people are murderers. How do they sleep at night. I keep reading these comments and grow sick to my stomach. I have been up crying thinking I am guilty of buying this food. I will keep you and your dog and the others that have commented in my prayers and hope that justice is truly served.

      I know that I cannot bring my dog back and it’s truly not about the money for me, I just want justice so that poor, innocent fur babies do not have to endure this horrible, horrible injustice and pain. Morgan and Morgan Law Firm is handling the case. Please contact them. Call 1-877-667-4275.

      • Kira Rogers

        I don’t really have many vet bills but we did have to give him a allergy shot but I want them to pay for killing our dog I really hope that we get the justice for all the dog’s they kill I hope that they get fired the company get shut down they’re shutting down everything else so I just shut down their company

  • Delilia Gramling

    My rottweiler had blood in his urine,tumors and his colon turning inside itself he suffered greatly. I feed him home made food peas,carrots & meat the first 6 years of his life he looked great and did great.The last three years I feed him beneful and his health started going down. At nine years old I had to have him put down the vet could do no more for him. I feel so hurt that I did this to my beloved dog just because I felt I did not have time to fix his food because of work. Beneful needs to be sued

  • Francine A. Ruta

    Sorry spell check..should be mitro value..but now I’m gonna check that out…within 2 months my dog filled up with blood in his lungs & was dead. I have the x-ray to prove that..I watched as the blood came pouring ou of his mouth & had to put him to sleep. I cried for a month straight. He shouldn’t have died & if it’s because of Purina I will join the suit. Only now after a Year I’m able to look for a New puppy but it will only be with food I cook for him.

  • judy demerath

    they tell you no table scrapes but when u fix the food at least you know whats in it an what your feediing them will start feeding them what i eat..

  • melissa johnson

    My dog went threw 2 big bags of vengeful dry dog food, now she is losing her weight and has diarrhea with blood in her stool… She never done this before with any other dog food.

  • Cpie

    Perhaps…but I lost one poodle 4 years ago with liver/kidney failure at 7, now my poodle have the same symptoms…both fed Beneful. Seriously doubt the pet owners that experienced these symptoms aren’t trying to make a buck. Purina should be held accountable.

  • Terri

    My dog is currently very sick. The vet says he may not live through the night. I have video of him and I feed him beneful. Lethargic. Won’t eat. And anemic. Vet said he probably won’t last the rest of the night.

  • Autumn

    My English Bulldog Snookie died on Christmas Eve 2014, she had only been eating Beneful,for 2 weeks, we opted for the cheaper food due to,buying Christmas gifts for our kids. She woke up with blood on her mouth and started vomitting blood and having diarrhea. She died within 24 hours. All get hospitals wanted money up front and our normal get was out for the holiday. We never got answers of her final cause of death!

  • lori gracida

    Our dog Paco ate this exact fog food and died after 3 days of laying sick, then convulsed, heaved for hours in the middle of the night at had blood and foam coming out of his mouth. The vet said it was probably poisoning or pancreatitis

  • Christine Klaff

    Interesting…my 3 dogs eat incredibites. y oldest chihuahua, 14 yrs old had developed pancreatitis and last august and was hospitalized for 3 nights for iv fluids due to vomitting with bloody mucus around the undigested food. That cost a little over $2000. They also said her kidney numbers (creatine, phosphorus) were off. She still has bouts of vommiting if she eats anything other than her special diet i feed her, which is boiled ground beef or turkey, rinsed and then mixed with rice and frozen peas and carrots. For anyone with a dog that has a snsitive stomach or kidney troubles try this mixture. All 3 of my dogs love it :-)

  • christy

    my dog has been on 5 pills a day since being on this food she was coughing all the time since I have took her off the food she has no longer been coughing has anyone else noticed this symptom!!

  • Ray Gisclair

    I had 4 Kerry Blue Terriers and was feeding them Beneful product. I heard about the problems with Beneful and have since change to IAMS. But it was too late for my beloved Stormy. She was a joyful playful terrier and suddenly became ill with the exact symptoms that was mentioned above. By the time I heard and did research it was too late. I kept wondering why periodically that a couple of my dogs would not want to eat the food and would throw up periodically. But my Stormy became extremely ill with Pancreatitis, Liver issues and Kidney problems as well. I would like more info about how to join this class action law suit. Thank You

  • H W

    My dog Bosko died in October, after I had switched to Beneful. I was looking up his symptoms and really the only thing I could find that fit his symptoms was from online blogs or reviews regarding Beneful. I don’t understand why Purina has continued to sell it when it’s been causing problems since at least 2012 (based on google results of people alarmed about the connection). He was only 9 years old, and before he started eating Beneful, very healthy and active (and had received recent vet preventative care). Shame on Purina for continuing to sell it without really looking into things – They claim to care about the animals they are feeding, so you’d think they’d be the first to halt sales until a real investigation was done! Bosko was a member of our family – He cannot be replaced and is missed every day by all of us. Most importantly, he deserved to continue living his great doggy life without having it robbed from him by dangerous food fed to him by the unknowing hands of his loving “parents”… He loved his life and we loved watching him love it. : (

  • Vanessa Haycraft

    I don’t think the pets that have died there voice should go unheard, we as the owners have to fight for the loved ones we have lost my sweet baby princess she died in my arms the both of us have been through a lot together , she helped me over come depression when I was at the point of thinking of taking my own life last yr she wasn’t just a pet she was my best friend , we did everything together , I loved her more than anything , I was always by her side , I always told her I loved her everyday , she always gave me kisses she was so smart for her own good , every nite she would sleep with me an id always cover her up an tuck her in at nite , I don’t get to do that anymore , she was taken away from me , she protect me from any danger , she knew when someone that come into my home , princess knew who had drugs on them an she would tell me , I don’t have that anymore , justice need to take up for our pets as we the owners are there voice that shouldn’t go unheard

  • jasmine murphy

    I love my dog too much for this they my walk on four legs abd bark through the night but I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in the world I contact Morgan&morgan thats who is handling this I thank then for even caring about my dogs if any one loves there dogs as much as me call 18776674265 morgan and morgan

  • Meagan

    I have two dogs a lab and a greyhound. My dogs have been eating beneful original for at least a year now. Last night my greyhound fell out into a seizure… It was terrifying. I’m not really sure what to do. She seems fine now but I’m very nervous that it will happen again.. Does anyone have any advice? I’m desperate.

  • Mimi Dick

    Does anyone know how to join a class action law suit against Purina?
    My sons dog is still sick from vomiting–diarrhea–urination problems–now blood in his urine from eating Beneful! I think it must have been one tainted batch as this dog got sick right after a new bag was bought and about half of it gone. Vet says it’s the Beneful and has seen many cases with death of the dog also.
    How do you join a lawsuit–does anyone know?

  • Denise Derry Teddy

    Here is my story : Around night of Jan 31 2015 my 10 year old lab seemed different wouldn’t take any treat, Next morning she threw up all her breakfast and continued this for a couple hours before we decided to just take her in ,She has always been on this food so never thought it could be the reason,till I seen these . After ivs barium test, blood work, in and out of the vets all week then sent to emergency rooms and finally ,Oakland referral critical care , they started , ultra sounds, stomach pumped from a gallon of bile , trickle feed and more ivs for a couple days, now bland diets and 6 different meds. 2 weekends later shes still not herself and no one knows why hides in the closests barks one bark for no reason lays in the snow paces with her head down,, but her test seem to show no reason, results say liver size is normal just slightly coarse in Echotexture and Hyperechoic , gall bladder moderately distended . moderate amount of non-organized Hyperechoic bile . they cut back on her meds ,hoping the diarrhea would stop and the pacing . I wont ever get this food cant afford that again ,$4000+ later in bills. At first I was just so happy after 3 weeks of care she seemed to be doing good and if it wasn’t for Care credit she would be put down right away , Called Purina they took my info and gave me a claim number all the time saying this is all untrue, but has any of them just recalled for safety?? think that’s best and prove it? no! poor people need to get lawyers and have test to get a reaction, Im poor from all the bills or would think about test too still checking into it , wish i could have afford an autopsy. I have a little dog only 3 years old shes fine but mostly eats table scrapes thank god. She was not the same seemed nervous,in pain. I would find her in my pantry closet, or bathroom on the rugs and closets and on the couch and she never did this stuff . March 2nd she started rejecting her food on the 6th she started throwing up all over again so started boiled chicken only by march 9th was clear jelly coming out of her and she was none stop throwing up again , had to stop couldn’t keep this up she was laying in the snow in pain im so sad heart broken , My husband , my Son and myself were by her side while she took her last breath we had her put to sleep IF they Killed my dog I want to see them choke on their on food . We been looking at her old pictures she looked so good but this past year shes been losing weight this past couple months around 10 lb. I noticed clumps of hair on her thighs , she never did that especially in the winter , but I also remembered she use to have incredible thirst, I remember the drinking as of right now im still looking into this so I know what did this to her . I want to spread the word how many others are out there not knowing ? To let your stories be heard even tho they just want the basics go here for the lawsuit



  • neb1997

    Why anyone would feed their dogs this garbage is beyond me. It is full of sugar, food dye and corn. Nothing healthy about it in general. Someone mentioned that they feed their “$2,500.00” show dog Beneful. Obviously they know nothing about dogs and dog food. Quit buying unhealthy junk for your pets, no matter the breed. Dogs need meat based food, not fillers like corn and sugar. Boggles my mind that people don’t read labels but just go by what the manufacturer claims. Pitiful and then they complain when their animals get sick.

  • Melinda

    I have 5 dogs this happened to 3 of them lost all THIER hair and one had seizures and is lethargic one is ok

  • Kassie Mayle

    I just lost my 2 yr. Old female boxer (Dolly) almost 2 weeks ago and have been beating myself up over this in my mind trying to replay the last month. Tonight I finally decided I had to look up causes and this site popped up.I’ve been crying my eyes out reading each and every comment. I feel terrible bc I feed my dogs Purina One but I got out of work late so I stopped by the gas station and grabbed Purina Comlpete thinking that it is made by the same ppl so it should be alright for the next couple days. Now, I’m completely heart broken bc these aren’t show dogs or anything like that these are my children and to think that I could have possibly killed my baby girl is hurting so badAnd now I’m terrified bc I have a 3 yr. Old male boxer (Bandit) he is now showing symptoms I have only been thinking he’s acting different bc he misses Dolly just as much, and its making him sick so now I’m praying that once I take him to the vet in the morning that he is ok.

  • kelly a.

    my dog has been sick. recent nausea/gagging, wt loss. today he has a nose bleed. I recently heard about benteful dog food has made thousands of dogs sick. my dog is eating benteful dry food. I will stop using the food immediately.

  • Samantha

    I fed my Siberian husky this food after taking him off eukanuba. He never had seizures or bloody pee or any medical problems in his life until he started eating this food! Its terrible for a company to profit at the cost of our pets lives! They need to have a set standard for dog food like our own food. This is out of hand. I have now switched him to blue buffalo and he is getting a lot better. Hasn’t had a seizure since the switch. My moms miniature dachshund has had bloody stool and pee. Lethargic. Rotted teeth. Sensitive belly and lower abdominal area. And now is also on blue buffalo and doing better. Beneful needs to be removed from shelves in all stores. PURINA SHOULD BE FINED AND FORCED TO REMOVE ALL FOODS OFF THE SHELF AND THOUROUGHLY GONE THROUGH.

    • Ria Conn

      Dyn I not only changed my dog’s food but I also started giving her bottled water. I hope you find out what the problem is. It’s hard to see our pets so vulnerable.

  • Ria Conn

    April 9, 2014
    My 4 year old Chihuahua stopped eating and drinking last week. She was throwing up a yellow bile as if she had eaten grass but it was continuous throughout the day. The next day I took her to the vet and she was severely dehydrated so she stayed, had IV’s and every blood test known and xrays. $500 plus later she was released with nothing found but she was eating and drinking again. 3 days later she once again quit eating and drinking but hadn’t started vomiting. This time I knew she hadn’t picked up and eaten anything during our walk so I started to research her food and dog food in general. I was horrified when I read comments of pet owners and what they had experienced. I immediately took up her bowl of Iams and went to the pet store and bought her Organix dog food. Both kibble and canned. Within a day she was back to normal and loves her new food. If anyone else is having trouble with Iams in this time frame I would be interested in knowing.

  • Jane Betschart

    My dog was just diagnosed with a sewing needle lodged in her throat. She eats(ate) nothing but Beneful for the entire time I have had her. 1 year and 3 months. she went off her food 4 weeks ago and It got so bad that I took her to the vet today because I knew thee was something wrong. xrAy showed a needle in her throat!!! She has eatin nothing but Beneful and has never been in a house!!!! Never been around domestic surroundins!!!!! Oh Boy, this is not good!

  • Ruth

    2 of my chihuahuas died due to Beniful dog food. I was informed by a worker at petco that dogs have died from eating that food. I was about to buy another bag for my dogs that I have left at home. I have stopped feeding my dogs Beniful. I got so scared because both of my dogs died the same way
    Intestinal blowing out of them
    They showed no signs of illness. They suddenly died. I’m so glad someone told about it others wise I would b killing the rest of my little friends I still have here at home.

  • Jason

    1 week on beneful and almost died. Throwing up, bloody diarrhea, sick, lifeless, 1000.00 vet Bill later, ivs, medication, special food and he’s back to normal. Hey Purina, eat your own food in court. Cheap made in China garbage. Hope the profits were worth it. I should feed you to my dog. 100 lb rotty could go for a snack.

  • Deborah Doty

    My dog Milo has been on beneful. for about 3 years and hasn’t had any issues. Though I feel for those that have. It’s a terrible thing to lose a beloved member of you’re family. These animal food companies should think of that before they put food on store shelves. I wish you all who have lost my deepest sympathy.

  • Michael Mills

    I have a 12 month old female pitbull and I was wondering which food I should switch to? I have been feeding her the Beneful puppy growth since she’s been able to eat dog good. Can someone please help me

  • Janella bodle

    My dog died in July of 2014 we fed our dogs beneful after her death we still gave the food to our second dog. I hadn’t heard of this until a few months ago. It just makes me sick to think that food could have caused her death.

  • Alean Johnson

    Are you serious. My puppy has had diarrhea since last Saturday. I’m done with beneful. He has been doing just fine.

  • Robin

    My dog Playdoh, got sick, the vets wanted to test him for Cushing’s disease. But he was losing weight not gaining. So I took him for second opinion. They said they didn’t think it was Cushing’s and wanted to run other test. But within two weeks after that Playdoh had to be put down after blood work was. done and discovering he had kidney and liver failure and internal bleeding. I didn’t feed him Beneful dog food all the time. But only in a pinch. Like others, I thought Beneful dog food was supposed to be a good dog food that I could trust. I’m so heart broken over his death. I miss him so so much. He died 14 wks ago tomorrow. But it’s like time is standing still. It’s all so very fresh and I can’t fix it. He was such an amazing dog.

  • Shirley Samford

    My dog became deathly I’ll after eating incredabites. She is so sick right now and she will not eat. She only drinks. I am throwing away the bag of dog food. This makes me really sad . What can I do I don’t want to loose my baby

  • Deborah Randall

    When will someone hold Nestle Purina responsible for all this death and illness. Two of my dogs were on Purina One canned Lamb and Rice. They both became I’ll and DIED!!! I should have been a better judge when I saw signs under the food at the pet store that said they were having trouble finding an ingredient for the food and took it off the shelves. I can’t prove it was the food in a court of law but they both had the same symptoms and my other dog who never ate that food is fine. Is there an agency in Washington who oversees these people? These are our family members. They aren’t just something you throw away. Nobody cares.

  • Carly Williams

    My 3 1/2yr old female pit bull suddenly died due to kidney failure and has always eaten beneful since a puppy, our family is in a horrible sad loss,she was a family member and we can barley get through the days not understanding how this happened

  • Anna guerre

    Just found my dog dead in her dog bed this morning. Never fed her Beneful until three days ago. Only thing different I’ve done and now my dog is dead. This food might need to be taken off the shelves.

  • Christopher Defago

    I had the best Puppy ever , a 10 month old German Shepard pup with no illness and the best disposition I have ever seen in a dog !!! Kind loving my best friend ! Not sure what happened but I got him purina beneful dog food he never really liked it but he ate most of his food within two weeks he started to loose weight and shed a lot . One night last week he came to me around 10 pm looking very scared ,within an hour he was dead in my arms my heart is broken !!!!! Could it have been the food I was feeding him?

  • Joel Embry

    I have this package if dig food and our dogs have gotten sick. Tinkerbell our Chihulihula has had serious seizures, bloating all you have discribed above. She has gone blind due to the problems. Our other dog Chico also got sick and continued to
    Throw up. Can you please help us. We still have our bag and with food. Thank you so much, I will continue to wait and look for your reply, warmest Regards, Joel Embry & Cheryl Embry
    817-304-0020 .

  • Jeffrey Wright

    I have replied to this a few times and even got a call from the law office but that was months ago. Not sure its even ligit.

  • Cheryl Embry

    To whom this may concern; my Chihulihula’s has been effected by your negligence. My dogs have had seizures and one is now Blind because of them. The other has had stomach problems. Please contact me as soon as possible. Regards, Cheryl Embry

  • Avery Sandia

    Had my dog a little over a year since last July.. Got him at six weeks old, grew up healthy very energetic, went on runs with me (bout 7 miles) and pretty much seeing the same symptoms. Fed him nothing but Beneful since he was small. It’s bin more than a couple of weeks now and he’s lost a lot of weight no motivation at all, no life in him so sad to see him in this this state. 😞

  • OwenRebholz

    I’m so glad I looked up twilight dog was thirsty I saw the comments from all the other owners and immediately throughout the food I had

  • Jeremy

    I want more information about this. Our balou died last year shortly after switching from Pedigree to Beneful. I think this should be made class action if it hasn’t already.

  • cindy K.

    My dog was fine until I switched to this dog food, I lost him yesterday due to Kidney failure, a month or so ago I switched to this brand, I had no previous problems with my dogs health, this answers my questions during my grieving. I am angry my beloved pet would still be with me, discarding all (i have another dog/ immediatley. DO NOT PURCHASE, this product ever.

  • Dickson Beckson

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  • Jackie Van Zante

    Beneful made my 3 dogs very sick just yesterday. We decided to try something cheaper than our usual & they all got sock the 1st night after eating it. Then they wouldn’t touch it again, we put them back on their regular food immediately.


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  • Austin Bosman

    Where can I go for a full refund.. half the bag is gone already and I do not feel safe feeding this to my dog anymore…

  • Sarag

    I just took my corgi in last night due to throwing up and then bleeding from her rectum. The ER vet said to switch to a food that has none of the items that benful does. I have to wait a few days to try the new food but if it saves my 3yr old baby then that’s what it takes. The food is a lot of money but my family and I will do what it takes to keep her as long as we can.

  • Mia cardiel

    My dog just died and when we were going to take her outside blood started coming out from her butt, we didn’t know what was wrong with her so I looked up what could of been the problem. After I saw this site, I went to go see which dog food she ate, and sure enough beneful.

  • Annie

    Everyone should be aware of what they are feeding their pets just like we are aware of what we feed ourselves. If at all possible do not feed your dog food with dye or corn (atleast as the first ingredient). I hope people start taking responsibility for how they take care of their animals because animals in your home cant taoe care of themselves you are the SOLE caretaker of them. Treat your pets well or do not own one. I hope any company supplying consumers with subpar pet food pays the price. That is a dissapointment to hear about all the sick pets. I feed my pets nutro natural grain free and blue buffalo grain free bc ive done my research and these brands are the most trust worthy outside of raw. Hope the best for every one. just a reminder: BE A CRITICAL CONSUMER.

  • Michael Glenn

    My Labrador has eaten Beneful dry dog food his entire life! He was urinating blood so i went to the vet and spent over $3,000 trying to determine the cause; the vet never figured out what was wrong, but it’s pretty obvious what caused it! My other labrador was suffering from similar symptoms and was recently put down in November; i hope those bastuds pay for this!

  • Jessa

    I had a Maltese and all we fed him was beneful. He died yesterday morning of kidney failure. He was 9 years old…

  • lisa niehaus

    My dog is 10 this year and she was diagnosed with tumors on her heart in her lungs and mammory.glands I had some removed but some are inoperable I have been feeding her benifuls for a long time now! Could this be the reason for the tumors?

  • Rob B.

    This is really ridiculous and upsetting me because my Veteran dog just died 2 years ago with seizures and spent $1,500 just trying to save his life but he died also and I had been giving him the BENEFUL for 12 years and he died right beside me and now I have a Veteran dog and I got him on Beneful too and I hope he don’t have a messed up liver I’m taking him off of beneful ASAP… Beneful Why……

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