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“More connected and more energized:” This office has a giant ball pit for its employees

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(CNN) — Children love to play in ball pits at fast-food restaurants. And a British company is taking that care-free idea and applying it to the workplace in hopes of fostering more creativity.

From the outside, it looks like any other quaint Victorian house. But inside, it’s far from ordinary. Here, creativity is in abundance.

The team at design company Pearlfisher gather daily in a break room to brainstorm. And every time, they seem to have a ball.

That’s because they are sitting on 81,000 white balls. Their office was entirely converted into a giant plastic adult playground that promotes the power of play. It’s a place where the staff can work, unwind and clear their minds. All in a low pressure environment.

“I think this is a completely non-goal orientated environment. I think the worse thing businesses can do is often say this is going to be the outcome, this is how much revenue it’s going to generate. It’s about getting away from those targets and goals, and I think what that does mean is that you come away being more productive, more refreshed, more connected and more energized.”

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