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Slenderman defense attorney: Girl cannot face trial in adult court

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Morgan Geyser

WAUKESHA COUNTY (AP) — An attorney for one of two young girls accused of stabbing their classmate to please the horror character Slenderman is arguing his client doesn’t belong in adult court.

Defense lawyer Anthony Cotton filed a brief Tuesday with Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren arguing that he can’t bind her over for trial in adult court on an attempted first-degree homicide charge.

Cotton contends she should have been charged with second-degree attempted homicide because of a mitigating circumstance, namely that she believed Slenderman would hurt her and her family if she didn’t kill someone for him. Adult courts don’t have automatic jurisdiction over minors charged with second-degree attempted homicide like they do over minors facing first-degree.

Prosecutors didn’t immediately return a voicemail message Tuesday seeking comment on the brief.


  • lisa

    This Is BS to the Extreme! If shes smart enough to plot a killing for months before she carried it out then shes a big girl and can handel what she has coming to her. Why let the little *itch get off with a slap on the wrist so she can get out and do it again she belongs in a mental ward the rest of her life.

    • opinion8d

      Lisa, not sure if you have kids or not, but this isn’t a well adjusted kid we’re talking about. She clearly has mental/pyschological issues. I don’t think anyone is proposing a slap on the wrist, but rather getting a ‘child’ the help they need. This ins’t a 15 yr old thug with a history/record of violence that finally succeeded in killing someone……she’s someone with a clearly messed up perception of reality – and needs treatment. Maybe she never gets out. Maybe she comes back to reality. Would you lock up your 12 yr old brother /sister for life under these circumstances? It was horrific, but she was clearlyi not mentally sound!

    • braken da law

      Yooper ,,, thats one to look at it!!! lol… if they are smart enough to plan this attack out for months, they know right from wrong…… this happened 1 mile from my house,

  • dylan

    opionion8D maybe she can baby sit your kids?!!! and shame on her parents she was mutilating barbies and was drawing about killing people.. if she was so threatened by mr slenderman why didn’t she ask her parents for help?

    • opinion8d

      I woudn’t want her around my kids, but clearly she has mental issues. Just becuase she can think about things and premeditate the crime, doesn’t mean she is living in reality. While this was a horrific crime, she wasn’t living the thug life. She needs help.

      The other thing is that if she would be tried as an adult and sent to prison – it’s not like she is going to get life in prison. Murderers even get out of prison. Do you want her out in 10-15 years or even 25 -she’s only in her 30’s/40’s at the point??? It sounds nice to say lock em up and throw away the key, but that barely happens to worst of criminals.

  • mh

    Here comes the Classic,
    i did the crime BUT i dont want to do the time! Put her under the prison! ADULT prison is where she belongs!!!

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