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Union supporters rally outside Capitol, protest Right-to-Work legislation

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MADISON (WITI) — Pro-union advocates rallied at the State Capitol on Tuesday, February 24th -- hoping to change lawmakers' minds about passing right-to-work legislation.

The sights and sounds were reminiscent of the Act 10 protests seen in 2011. But like most sequels, this rally didn't quite measure up to that display nearly four years ago. Instead of a crowd of 100,000, a few hundred people gathered on the Capitol steps.

The group may have been smaller in numbers, but there was no lack of passion among those arguing against right-to work legislation.

"I was effected by Act 10 four years ago and I think that the situation now has, it's come to a head," said Lance Decker, protester.

If you're wondering how right-to-work legislation might impact Wisconsin, you will get very different answers depending on who you ask.

"In other states, what we've seen is it decreases workers' wages by about $5,000 on average," said Christopher Daly, protester.

"When you factor in cost of living, workers in right-to-work states are making more, right-to-work states are seeing lower unemployment," said a supporter of the legislation.

While opponents and proponents have differing data sets, the debate might not even make a difference. Legislative leaders have said they have the votes to pass right-to-work and Gov. Scott Walker has said he will sign it when it lands on his desk. But for some, that doesn't mean it's not worth fighting.

"No, it's not a losing battle. Their constituents are going to feel this too and they don`t realize that this is going to hurt them in the long run. They're going to lose a lot of support," said Daly.

Tuesday's rally lasted about an hour on the Capitol steps before moving inside to the Capitol rotunda.

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  • Brown Turd

    I’m not in favor of unions so called “protecting” employees with demanding Union due payments, but I’m also not in favor of Walker making decisions based upon what billionaire corporate business executives want because they are willing to fund his campaign. Crooked all around. I hope and pray someday for extreme revolution.

  • GodSaveWI

    It is FACT, that in Right to Work States annual incomes are on average $1,500.00 per year less (this figure is adjusted for cost of living btw) than in states that have not enacted it. Right to Work favors business owners, CEO’s and stock holders, not workers. Please stop regurgitating ideologic rhetoric and look at the hard numbers. By rolling over and allowing this to happen you are only hurting yourself, your children, your neighbor and all of Wisconsin. Unless you are in the top income percentiles, Right to Work will only HURT YOU, even if you are not in a union.

    And I agree with Brown Turd in that reform needs to be done, but Scooter doesn’t actually care about the people of Wisconsin. Reform is much more difficult than cutting the heck out of parks and school funding and busting unions. Reform takes study, time and making intelligent decisions based on your findings. No one wants to put that type of effort forth, on the right or the left. Instead ideology is spouted, and since the majority of the population doesn’t truly educate themselves to all sides of the issue, extremism and ideology wins. We are living in frightening times.

    • Hell in a handbasket

      “Scooter” cares more for us taxpayers than Richard Trumka (salary of nearly $300,000.00) cares about his loyal union members.

    • Maria

      The pay may be less, but arent there more jobs? Its basic redistribution. The money is spread out over more people.

  • Hell in a handbasket

    Obama just vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline bill that would have created thousands of union jobs. I assume you union supporters are going to head to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to protest this???? But then again I assume your not! (My comment should be under moderation before the sun sets).

  • Southern by the grace of God

    It sure seems as though a lot of people are scared to become accountable at there job. I wonder if any of those 2000 protesters were even missed at work today? Probably not.

  • Berkenshire dragoon yoemanry

    The unionistas don’t care about rtw, they care about their declining membership. Time to cut the spigot from the UW System as well. Too many tenured bots sitting around writing poetry. Time to teach the liberal leftist coexist granola eating commune poly correct bottom feeders a lesson in econ.

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