Closing its doors for good: Greenfield News & Hobby says goodbye to 50 years of memories

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GREENFIELD (WITI) -- It would have been 50 years this summer, but now Greenfield News & Hobby is closing its doors next Saturday. Through the crafts and hobbies filled there, the store's local legacy will hopefully live on.

"When I was a kid I did hobbies all the time, stick model airplanes, little cars," said Dave Boenning, customer.

"My late husband would come here quite often for all his modeling equipment and stuff and I'd come in here all the time for art supplies, draft paper, drawing pencils," said Sandra Lovas-Lopez, customer.

50 years of memories at Greenfield News & Hobby.

"You feel like a teacher that has been teaching for many years and you have generations and such. We've had parents who brought their kids in and then we have those you know having kids and they're coming in," said Jay Gordon, Owner of Greenfield News & Hobby.

And as the owner, Gordon has been a part of practically everyone. Even when the store was in Cudahy more than 20 years ago.

"Bought the business back in 1980 from my parents. They stared it in 1965. So I grew up in it since age 6 and took it over when I got out of college," said Gordon.

Greenfield News & Hobby, modelsAfter all that, saying goodbye isn't easy.

"People are just saying 'you can't close, you can't close!' And they're somewhat disappointed yet they understand," said Gordon.

Gordon says over the past 7 or 8 years, business has simply fallen as prices have risen.

"It's an aging industry," said Gordon.

But Gordon is trying to stay positive, looking forward to doing some of the hobbies he's been basically watching all these years. Just another way to ensure, all those memories are preserved.

"We had so many different unique products, and great service. We had great employees that really gave their all and I appreciated it very much," said Gordon.

Since they announced they were closing, employees say they've been pretty busy, but now they're only a few more days for people to come and get what they need because Greenfield News & Hobby is closing its doors on March 7th.


  • A Yooper

    So sad to see stores like that close. Not getting too retro but our country was built with stores like that. Our country is so screwed. I am glad that I am closer to the grave than the cradle. Old stores took care of the neighborhood. They knew the kids. Kids did constructive things. I worked with a 25 year old “kid” the other day, I said give my the Phillips screwdriver from my box. He had no idea what I wanted. The hobby store was the place to be.

  • Douglas Ratcliff

    I used to go here all the time when it was in Cudahy. I was mostly into comics but I loved looking at the model kits, especially the Universal monster movie ones. I think I had the Frankenstein kit.

  • toenail

    So sad, Jay I use to buy RC10 cars from you back in the mid 1980’S down at Cudahy news and hobby. I have so many memories of those days the glass counters stocked with all the RC car parts and motors. Have to mention the giant magazine isles back then. Hobby is at an all time low right now hopefully some day it will come back.

  • darshaneeander

    Very sad, I used to go to a shop by the name of Casanova’s back in the sixties. It had everything. It was on the corner of Greenfield ave., Muskego ave., and 16th st. We would stop there after swimming at the Natatorium.

  • 0205johngr

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    I can’t believe this is happening. Greenfield News & Hobby is closing today. I feel so terrible about this because me and a lot of people have been there. If you would like to know more about this, read on below.

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