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Fired basketball coach pleads not guilty to misdemeanor drug charges

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Christopher Foley

WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) — 29-year-old Christopher Foley pleaded not guilty on Monday morning, March 2nd to three misdemeanor drug-related charges in Waukesha County. Foley was then released on a $1,000 signature bond.

Foley is the fired basketball coach who is accused of having drugs in his possession at New Berlin West High School. The charges Foley faces include: Possession of THC, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia — all are misdemeanors.

According to the complaint, officers with the New Berlin Police Department were dispatched to New Berlin West High School around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, February 6th for a drug complaint. The assistant principal and athletic director indicated to the officers that “one of their teachers…was possibly using or in possession of marijuana. They further advised that the defendant is the head basketball coach for New Berlin West High School.” Apparently the athletic director “smelled the odor of raw marijuana” coming from Foley’s office.

The complaint indicates the officers then deployed a K9 in Foley’s office. Inside the officer detected “a very strong odor of raw marijuana coming from within the closet.” The officer conducted a search of the closet and located marijuana” as well as a multi-colored glass pipe…used to smoke marijuana.” The officer also found a “baggie of suspected marijuana.”

Authorities brought the K9 in the school’s parking lot, and it hit on Foley’s car. Inside police found remnants of pot in the driver’s side door, the floor, and the center console. Police also located another multi-colored glass pipe.

When officers questioned Foley about the items, the complaint said “he was in the process of moving and had just thrown the items in his bag. The defendant stated he purchased the marijuana several months ago and occasionally smokes marijuana.” Foley apparently denied selling any marijuana to kids or having any medical reason to smoke it.

Foley will be back in court on March 30th.

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  • Hell in a handbasket

    I’m sure WEAC will get him reinstated with back pay. That’s why unions are so awesome!

  • Bobby

    Why was Foleyfanatic’s comment moderated and not Mr.Bob’s? I believe the wost word in both comments was “loser”. Please be consistent. You are terrible Fox6. Oh and that reminds me, why hasn’t there been a follow-up to the restraining order story, reporting that it was dropped? Seems like an important piece of informatin that yur investgators failed to report. Is that t terrible reporting or is it bias? You should be ashamed either way.

    • Fox 6 is Classless

      Seriously, this is a freaking classless joke. Does Fox 6 have some policy that only baseless rumors that have very little truth to them can be published or left up as comments, but when actual facts are presented they need to be removed and hidden immediately? What is their point? They’re covering a misdemeanor drug charge as if he’s a mass murderer. Did he mess up? Of course. He shouldn’t have used drugs that are not illegal in this state, even if they are becoming increasingly legalized throughout our country. No doubt about it. And he should pay his price in the form of the legal case he is going through. But the media coverage is insanely over the top here. It’s quite sad. If I were Foley I would no doubt be suing Fox 6 news and the psychopath girl who was stalking him for defamation, and I hope he does.

      • get a clue

        And yes, he could sure her for defamation and slander. If you know what defamation is, lying under oath to file a false TRO petition and making a guy look like a stalker in the media absolutely falls under that category.

      • this is Foley

        This is Chris Foley. I have no idea who any of you are. I appreciate the support, but lets take the high road. Our truth came out and that’s what matters. I am not a stalker. That’s all I need to say. I won’t be back on here

      • NB Patron

        First off Mr. Bob… Mr. Foley was never charged or accused with doing inappropriate things with students. For you to lump him in this category ignorant. Second off, the word stalker should never be associated with Mr. Foley. The charges have already been dropped, which means this girl clearly never had a chance to take this to court and in-turn it seems as if Mr. Foley may have some ground on slander. Lastly, reading your comments on Mr. Foley on several of these stories makes me think you may have some personal issues yourself. In other words… Get a life. The kid made a mistake and will get his due punishment. And while fox 6 is just reporting the news I hope they have the professionalism to report the restraining order has been dropped.

      • Fox 6 is Classless

        NB Patron, don’t hold your breath on that one. They have gone so far as to knock on his door with a camera, jump all over hearsay lies, and delete comments revealing the truth to make him look bad. They are as classless as they come, and should be known as such.

      • NB Patron

        F6IC, agreed. I’m sure Mr. Foley is glad the restraining order has been dropped but I’m sure some of him wishes he could of publicly destroyed her during the hearing today. Because of how quickly it was dropped I’m sure Mr. foley had his bases covered. Although I’m sure Mr. Bob would of been right back on this board putting false information out there. Right Mr. Bob??? Because your quote about him being glad he got released to focus on his other hearing was truthful. Considering the case was more than likely dropped before this appearance. I hope it made you feel good Mr. Bob. To misquote someone who is already down… I think you’re the loser.


    YAHOOOO. Thanks GET A CLUE. Bout time that crazy woman’s (few other words I’d rather use to describe her, but I wont) name is out in the open. I hope all the other teachers at West realize how crazy this girl is and she finally accepts reality and gets some help with her problems.


    Mr Bob – prescription drug problems? what are you even talking about? Its hilarious to me that you think somebody who might smoke pot has “deep issues” You do realize pot is legal in a bunch of states and probably will be legal in WI within 5 years right?

    the ignorance in all your posts is just baffling to me.

  • Ridiculous

    Good for you, Chris. As someone who knows him very well, I can assure you he is not a drug addict, have problems with drugs, or a stalker. Unless you know him personally, you really should not judge something and someone you know nothing about.

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