“It is fantastic!” Mother Nature drops hail, snow, has California neighborhood looking like the Midwest!

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(CNN) — It has been a wild winter for much of the United States — and this weekend, we saw more unusual weather. San Jose, California saw hail and even SNOW on Saturday, February 28th. It brought families into the streets to enjoy a rare experience. Many couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked outside and saw snow.

A California neighborhood looked like a scene out of the Midwest this weekend!

Steve Baker took video of hail as it fell. He later posted it to Twitter. At one point, he jokes about the need for a snow plow.

This, as kids focused on snowballs (or should we call them hailballs?)

“Usually we have to go all the way to Lake Tahoe or Senora or way up in the mountains to find snow. Now we just need to go in our front yard,” South San Jose resident Malyna Gomez said.

The sidewalk snowball fight was a first for nine-year-old Malyna, but it wasn’t the first for the neighborhood.

“It’s probably been about maybe 20 years I think since it last snowed. It’s been a very long time,” South San Jose resident Joyce Galaviz said.

The Galaviz’ love seeing their car covered and their backyard saturated.

“We’re not afraid of a little bit of cold,” Joyce Galaviz said.

Some drove into the area from a few miles away.

“We got in the car. We said ‘we’re two minutes away. We’re gonna get down here and let the kids play in some snow.’ It’s pretty exciting,” one family said.

South San Jose residents say it’s a memory they won’t soon forget.

“It is fantastic! We are all having fun,” a South San Jose resident said.

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