Store sells “two $1 million winners in two weeks!” Could the new “Miracle Mile” be in Racine?!

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RACINE (WITI) -- You may have heard the popular phrase "lightening doesn't strike the same place twice." Whoever said that hasn't been to Racine recently!

The city of Racine is like many affected by the struggling economy. But thanks to a stop at the Durand Avenue Mart, for some, their luck has recently changed!

For the second time in two weeks, the BP gas station convenience store sold a winning Powerball ticket.

"I thought they were teasing. Then when we found out it was real, it was way more exciting. Two $1 million winners in two weeks," Diane Peterson said.

It's no joke, but it has customers and cashiers smiling. On February 11th, a $1 million ticket was sold and eventually cashed in. Now, there's another one!

"This is unheard of. The lottery people say this never has happened before. Not this close together," Peterson said.

Diane and Coy Peterson have owned the store for 15 years, and they've always done a brisk lottery business with their regulars. Since the first winner, workers say lottery ticket sales have doubled.

So what about the previously so-called "Miracle Mile" in Fond du Lac County? Is there a new "Miracle Mile" in Racine County?

"This is it right here. The man upstairs just made a change and this is it!" Peterson said.

Of course, the Durand Avenue Mart won't be paying the $1 million winner. That has to be done through the state, but those who work there hope the winner comes in to check their ticket, and that they get to share in the winner's excitement!

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